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LSG: Ushering Secured Innovation in LPO domain

Kavitha G.
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Kavitha G.
Even though Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is in its infancy, it has not failed to astound the businesses with its dramatic growth. While the ample technology models of LPO have put the CFOs at comfort position through its cost-saving and time-saving ingredients, lamentably, security, confidentiality and quality, still bother companies constraining the growth. The LPO providers are indeed breeding up, but only very few have been instrumental in redefining the industry by succoring the aforementioned needs. One of those rare breeds is LSG, a global leader in software application and business process outsourcing domain. The ISMS accredited company has rejuvenated the industry through its provision of perfect blend of best minds, proven expertise and technology-driven processes in procurement, vendor and litigation management areas, while giving the much needed security and quality in each of their endeavor.

Born in 2005, the ISO 9001:2008 company has been successful in carving a niche position in the outsourcing industry, specifically as a leading LPO provider. Filling flesh to each of their letter that reflects in their each process, LSG (that stands for Lead, Sustain and Grow) endeavors to help clients become 'Leaders' in their business world, to 'Sustain' their customer base and to help them 'Grow' their revenues. This has made the company today the favorite baby of world-class happy customers spread across nearly 70 countries. The team of experienced lawyers and attorneys, spearheaded by the old hands in the industry and powered by befitting infrastructure & tools, architects a comprehensive range of LPO services that ranges from legal research & drafting to paralegal & secretarial tasks coupled with litigation support. Rightly christened as the 'SME with a global footprint', the brand empowers their clients through electronic procure-to-pay engagements, facilitated across the genre of insurance, legal, banking, finance, mining, construction and energy industries.

Highly celebrated for its in-house proprietary software and applications, LSG walks a different path with their multi-currency and multi-lingual technology. "We make the technology work and the human intervention is kept to a minimum. These technologies are engineered to and has been enabling us to research, conduct proper document reviews and run opinion works, helping to stand out from the horde," proclaims Gary Markham, CEO, LSG. Unlike others, LSG does not run behind appreciations, but believes in laying their heart and soul in augmenting customer satisfaction. The core management has injected the same in their work culture that can be mirrored in the whole aura of the company. The flat and lean organization lures employees to have the career path which enables them to grow both vertically and laterally. "We have set up our offshore centre in Kochi. The excellent legal & technical colleges within the city have helped us to acquire very high caliber staff," adds Gary. LSG does not only believe that growth is driven by challenges and opportunities, but also helps their crew to practice the ideology by giving them the option to work across different departments. While the company has reaped in six sigma black and green belts that improve customer engagement, they have also ensured the six sigma procedures internally through rigorous trainings.

Embracing a Bright Future

It is claimed that U.S. alone contributes about more than $167 billion in terms of legal services. The global industry unveils a larger picture with estimations of around $250 billion. Lavishly contributing to the growing industry, LSG has already established its firm presence in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific and intends to have a steady growth curve and be a market leader by augmenting their quality and diversifying their offerings.

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