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Signicent: Safeguarding Client's IP with 5C Policy & Pioneering Dashboard

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, February 27, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
In today's hypercompetitive world, innovation is the only gate pass to success. Leaving those innovations unguarded will result in loss of huge monies and invaluable time spent on R&D, or worse, reputation. Signicent Information Solutions, a pioneering global KPO company, safeguards such precious IP. With its state-of-the-art patent management software (PatViewTM), multi-lingual research expertise and high-quality user-friendly reports customized as per client's desire, Signicent is surging ahead of competition whilst providing cost-effective services.

Signicent was built by Harit Mohan and Honey Mohan on five pillars namely Client Satisfaction, Customization, Cost-effectiveness, Collaboration and Confidentiality to provide a much more efficient platform to manage innovative technologies through patents and trademarks. Walking the talk of this 5C policy empowered Signicent to acquire about 100 giant techno-driven clients across 25 countries including U.S., UK, Germany, Switzerland and Australia. Instigated its operations in 2012 as a five-member company, Signicent today stands tall as a 35 people strong company and steadily marching towards the crown with an eye-popping 300 percent growth rate.

The company handholds clients throughout entire lifecycle of technology right from inception of the very idea until that technology fade away. Signicent offers dizzying array of services including patent landscape, white space analysis, patentability check, patent invalidation, infringement analysis, patent licensing, IP asset management, structure/sequence search and patent drafting among others. Recently, the company performed competitive analysis for a giant Food & Beverages Corporation by screening about 100,000 documents. Aimed to benchmark client's patent portfolio against six other competitors, Signicent successfully pinpointed client's strengths and weaknesses within three months.
Having strong database covering patents from over 100 countries, Signicent helps clients to commercialize multimillion dollar projects without any obstacles in those countries. Since it is gets extremely challenging to perform in-depth analysis in huge volumes of patent data, the company built PatViewTM, a Software as a Service (SaaS) based patent dashboard. This highly interactive and dynamic tool can manage huge portfolios and thousands of documents on single screen. Launched last year, PatViewTM was quickly adopted by over 30 companies worldwide with even more companies interesting in upgrading this year.

Apart from PatView, Signicent is also heavily investing on expanding its search coverage. "We aim to pursue any short failures encountered in past to further refine our growth path. While interacting with more and more clients on daily basis enrich us with numerous ideas, materializing them through R&D sets us further afar from competition," concludes Harit Mohan, CEO, Signicent Information Solutions and IIT alumnus with seven years of IP experience.

As the company's client portfolio is enriched with the most innovative technologies, Signicent has drafted excellent tests to screen out creative technology enthusiasts, who are usually filtered in the range of 30:1. Signicent's progressive work culture that is powered by creativity, performance and respect is sustained through several company sponsored team bonding activities like outings and events like SigWar that evokes creativity and togetherness. The team is kept charged constantly with globally renowned motivational speakers and exceptional training programs from in-house as well as external experts.

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