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Global Revenue Cycle Management: Leading the Future of Healthcare Outsourcing Services

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Kavitha G.
In healthcare industry, it becomes very imperative, yet pressurizing to sustain a profit margin, while ensuring a quality care to all. The reimbursement process has made the chore even more risky. This dire need has lured healthcare organizations to scout for perfect RCM providers who possess best experienced minds coupled with expertise in billing, coding and accounts receivables management, while redefining the notion of reimbursement altogether. If you are looking for one, then Global Revenue Cycle Management (GRCM) – one of the leading U.S. healthcare BPOs – might put an end your exploration. Filling life to its vision of being best healthcare revenue generating company across the healthcare outsourcing continuum with its each solution, GRCM has successfully been the alter-ego for its patrons through its cutting-edge technology and Business Intelligence-powered RCM system, Dashboards, Product Development, support services & automation tools.

GRCM is a finely crafted enterprise of continued efforts to cover the gaps and change the face of the largest destination geography for the healthcare BPO market – U.S. – by a group of professionals having years of experience in the U.S. healthcare outsourcing industry. But in just three years of its establishment, the young company is successful in annexing 200 percent year-on-year growth, while carving its own presence as one of the fastest growing entity. GRCM is equipped with expert physiotherapists for the coding, billers, billing analysts, AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) certified medical coding specialists and on the like dedicated personnel who architect each service so as to provide quick and 24x7 real-time experiences to the users. With an adherence to insurance & government regulations, the comprehensive RCM methodology covers Ccredentialing and Rre-credentialing, Mmedical cCoding, Ppatient Ddemographics Entry, eEligibility Verification, cCharge cCapture, pPayment pPosting, Credit Balance and aAccount rReceivables.

A Peek into the GRCM Technology

Technology plays a highly imperative role in increasing a product's proficiency. Highly celebrated for its technology practices, GRCM stands second-to-none in its products series that cover AR Claims Check & Eligibility Check and Business Intelligence & dashboard reporting. Engineered to improve the customer satisfaction by ensuring accurate information and payment times for health care providers, AR Claims Check & Eligibility Check serves as productivity tool which empowers the providers to connect directly to a payer's website, thus helping them to fetch the required date on patient eligibility and claim status. On the other hand, Business Intelligence & dashboard reporting is a data visualization tool which not only provides the real time current status metrics through its graphical view, but also piques the interest of the enterprises by displaying progress over a time towards specific goals.

Re-defining Excellence

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