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Clutch Group: Transforming the Legal Process Outsourcing Industry

Kavitha G.
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Kavitha G.
In his second year of studies at Harvard Business School, Abhi Shah, Founder & CEO of Clutch Group, started scouting different opportunities to venture into the BPO market. In the end, it was the burgeoning LPO industry that caught his eye: the U.S. legal services market, which was booming, was also beginning to warm up to the idea of sending critical legal work overseas. Sensing that the industry offered great potential for growth, Abhi founded Clutch Group shortly after graduating from Harvard. It has since become one of the fastest-growing and most widely recognized legal outsourcing and consulting firms in the world.

Clutch has followed one key mantra throughout its growth: become an integral business partner to your clients. This means helping its clients � the General Counsel and Chief Legal, Risk, and Compliance Officers of Fortune 500 companies � to better understand their data in a number of different legal contexts, such as litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance.

A Multi-Shore Model

Clutch has also focused on building a global footprint and developing cross-jurisdictional expertise. "We were the first organization to have a multi-shore model, which other major LPOs have followed. We focus on providing the right solutions to our clients based on expertise, instead of pushing a menu of locations or a particular delivery location," says Abhi. With teams and delivery centres spread across the globe including New York, DC, Chicago, London, Zurich and Bangalore, this pure-play LPO is in the process of creating satellite offices in APAC to help their clients'local needs.

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