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Osource India: Rejuvenating BPO domain with Comprehensive & Reliable Innovations

Kavitha G.
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Kavitha G.
Today, outsourcing needs no introduction. The imperative, yet difficult chore of being more agile to stay relevant and being more quality-oriented to outdo others has transformed outsourcing as a winning strategy for organizations. However, partnering with different outsourcing vendors for aiding different mission-critical business facets of an organization often turns into a bane. While many service vendors in the industry have realized the situation and running towards becoming a best-of-breed 'one stop shop', a 2004 born Mumbai-based BPO outsourcing company –Osource –has already carved an exceptional impression by providing a single end-to-end SLA model to cater to the comprehensive outsourcing needs of an enterprise, exemplarily in the areas of Finance & Accounts, Human Resources and IT Solutions.

Founded by a tech savvy Chartered Accountant, Rajeev Sharma, Osource has been instrumental in personifying their mission statement of 'creating a company which employs technology to transform service delivery' since their inception. The early focus on domestic areas and the cost reduction proposition perfectly blended them to sail across the flood of great recession, which in turn enhanced their happy customers' portfolio. As the early adopters of cloud, Osource's every function and platform based 'plug & play' innovation is architected to provide the benefits of cloud. "This bold move of creating our own focused cloud solutions has really paid us well. The versatility and the feature richness of the cloud solutions gives us that horizontal stratum and has uniquely positioned us as a horizontal Cloud based solution provider," affirms Rajeev Sharma, Chairman, Osource.

Steering Innovation

Listening to the clients' needs and requirements becomes a very critical aspect of a business that has the affinity to stretch or erase a company's success path. With a deeper client engagement model embedded in each of their endeavor, Osource's 1600 finest brains follow a unique system of listening to every need or wish of customers and architect methodical and business oriented solutions which will be tailored towards every project requirement and succor the complications. The HRO solutions of the brand encompass a complete solution spectrum, ranging from payroll outsourcing and HR outsourcing to recruitment process outsourcing, while their FAO portfolio facilitates their clients with accounts payable, accounts receivables, GL accounting and reconciliations including insurance process outsourcing services. On their IT outsourcing front, they are highly celebrated for their cloud based platforms and BPM tool –a business process management tool becomes a finest epitome for their excellence.

"They do not commit to an engagement unless they are sure to deliver and they deliver to what they commit," asserts a Chief People Officer of a leading Financial Services group. This is merely one example of Osource's efficiency. This strategic business partner has also acquired other numerous leading and eminent customers in Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, HealthCare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Telecom, Print Media and many more industry verticals. With a CAGR of - 25-30 percent year-on-year growth, Osource is currently in the phase of closing about Rs.70 crores turnover this financial year and also intends to cross Rs.120 crores in their nearest future. The company has recently set up its presence in Dubai and Australia and is on the lookout for expanding their wings to U.S. and European markets, driven by the increasing clients demand. With all the enablers in place, Osource envisions to be a global leader in the outsourcing & technology business delivering innovative, transformational and optimized solutions to clients emphasizing on next-generation practices.

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