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Smartshore: A Global KPO Providing Unparalleled 24/7 Support Focused on Financial Services

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Whilst small outsourcing companies fail to provide seamless service across the globe, the multiple layers of management in largest outsourcing corporations are frustrating clients with their turtle-like execution speed and plummeting inflexibility in operation model and most importantly, in customer support. But every project has unique needs that deserve steady support and individual attention; be it a technology manager in a large organization or a newbie in small IT group. Being a 500 people strong company with ample room to grow, Smartshore Services, the perfect sized global outsourcing company, fills this void with an extremely competitive offering and right element of customer service. Unlike the large companies that fritters away massive amount of critical time with futile formalities, Smartshore responds extremely faster with a simpler approval process, devoid of superfluous management levels. As a cherry on top, the company's cost is 25-30 percent cheaper than other players in the space.

Standing Apart from Crowd

In today's saturated Outsourcing space, the company secured a prestigious spot for itself with a proven track record of expertise in outsourcing QA testing automation in the niche risk & compliance space with sheer focus on financial services. Having widespread global footprint in U.S, India and Singapore allows clients to work with Smartshore seamlessly across all geographies; almost as capable as world's largest outsourcing enterprises. Likewise, in IT infrastructure services space, the company stands apart with similar global delivery model with a strong 24/7 infrastructure support. The company also adds tremendous value as a BPO provider to various India-based companies. Smartshore combines offshore expertise with an efficient and scalable service delivery model that follows stringent security policies and quality processes.

Smartshore instigated its operations in 2008 as an IT infrastructure and KPO Services Company, when the four founders noticed that large global outsourcing providers are becoming indifferent towards customers' needs. While Ron Winaker (Co-Founder & Director) is an IT industry service veteran with over 18 years of experience in large financial organizations, Amit Saraff (Co-Founder & Director) has been instrumental in conceptualization and implementation of global Outsourcing and Offshoring strategies for UBS, JPMorgan and MBNA (now Bank of America). Likewise, Arti Saraff, Director of Indian BPO Staffing business and Jyoti Poddar, Director of Global Administration have remarkable experience in respective fields. Their cumulative years of experience precisely helped these technocrats to know customer's pulse, which enabled Smartshore to design a business model customers long for. Bringing this dream alive packed Smarshore's clientele basket pretty soon with JPMorgan, Dell, Deutsche Bank, TCS, Cognizant and many more top-notch clients.

"We are one of the few organizations who are on first name basis. Our values are clear – customer comes first, develop long term relationship, do not look at maximizing short term profits and treat colleagues the way you would like to treat yourself," says Amit Saraff, Director, Smartshore Servies. The company that ensures secure, reliable service delivery for network offshoring through stringent security processes with process management software plans to launch innovative SaaS products in risk & compliance space. Smartshore envisions a vigorous expansion across Hong Kong, UK and Dubai, and is ambitious to reach the team size of 1000 people soon. Noting the company's commitment towards customers, the day doesn't seem too far.

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