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Vision KPO Solutions: Bringing Idea, Technology & People Together to Provide Complete Solution

Rashmisree Deb
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
The Indian KPO market has been growing at a CAGR of approximately 30 percent and is expected to touch $30 billion by 2015. NASSCOM has predicted that India is poised to acquire 70 percent share of this burgeoning market. We have every reason to believe that this number will be achieved comfortably and KPO would remain a bright beacon in the Indian IT/ITES industry.

In this backdrop, it is amazing that one man viz. Vijay Saini - saw the potential of this industry almost eight years back and set up Vision KPO Solutions Private Limited (VKPO). Vijay, a Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with over two decades' experience in Auditing, Taxation and Management Consultancy, established VKPO as a one stop solution provider in the Finance and Legal domains VKPO, has since expanded into business/market research services, management of accounting processes, budgeting, cash/working capital/payroll management, MIS, cost controls and taxation. The company also undertakes financial due diligence support and mergers & acquisitions advisory. One of the USPs of Vision is its exclusive incubating vertical for startups where it nurtures new entrepreneurs, provides them space and takes care of their mundane but essential tasks like registrations, accounting, payroll, statutory compliances and financial management. Virtual-CFO is yet another focused services of VKPO.

In a globalized and rapidly evolving economy, mid-sized clients struggle to cope with myriad & frequent amendments/modifications in various laws which impact them directly. VKPO, with its teams of CAs, CSs, CPAs, Lawyers and MBAs, provides such corporates support in managing their overall compliances and to take decisions with optimum accuracy in a timely manner. VKPO works on a "Client Centric Model" (CCM) and believes in evaluating customer feedback to improve its services. VKPO's aim is to deliver complete business solutions to entrepreneurs by taking up their challenging projects and transforming them into reality. It now has a full time team 35+ people at our Noida, India centre and is looking to double it in 2015-16. Besides, it has an equal numbers of professionals on call for niche projects. In the past 2-3 years, VKPO has grown a CAGR of over 100 percent as against the industry trend of approximately 30 percent and by the end of year 2020, it is targeting a top-line of $100 million.

Vijay says, "Our Vision is to 'BECOME A LEADER IN CLIENT SATISFACTION BY DELIVERING EXCELLENCE IN CORE'. We work on Five Basic Principles of Confidentiality, Responsiveness, Reliability, Ethics and Professionalism. With our cost-effective services, timely deliveries, easy availability of skilled accountants, access to the latest financial and accounting software, assured security and guaranteed quality, the client's organization can make informed business decisions. This results in our clients scoring over the competition and giving a unique an edge to VKPO in the marketplace. VKPO believes that 'your requirements are our business' and it is on this premise that we focus on customer satisfaction".

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