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MintRPO: Redefining RPO with Flexible &Streamlined HR Operations

Kavitha G.
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Kavitha G.
As one of the fastest growing single-process HRO markets, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is considered as the virtual recruiting function that empowers companies to reduce their time to market, while maintaining their core competencies as they manage their talent needs. Though the RPO industry is witnessing a moderate growth in APAC compared to the strong growth of over 21 percent recorded in North America region (RPO Annual Report 2014 by Everest Group), it has not chained the RPO market to evolve to its RPO+ stature which is highly driven by value added services. The development has also redefined the HR & outsourcing industry where, today, the people responsible for HR functions vary according to an organizations size and HR decision-makers may be a group of people from a variety of departments and job positions. Amidst of all these revolutions and growing expectations, there exists aneed for a partner who understands the focused requirements of the organization and helps deliver to the intense pressure of cost reduction, while also improving the quality of services delivered. One such partner is Mumbai based RPO firm, MintRPO, who has been successfully delivering various aspects of HR services to its clients, who range from small to large corporates globally and in India across Banking& Insurance, Technology & Manufacturing.

Incorporated in 2006, Mint core value is to provide customer centric services supported with coretechnology and processes that are flexible and adaptable to every customer's needs. With customers' success as its core objective, the company stands apart from its competitors in terms of quality of service, speed of execution, operational flexibility and overall cost-effectiveness. "In all our engagements, our customers experience must be consistent, in a way that guarantees a sustainable and continuously evolving relationship and a significant return on investment, value for money and improvement in service quality for them as a direct result of their relationship with us," says Gurpreet Chhatwal, Promoter/Member – Board of Director, MintRPO. The differentiated portfolio of services includes executive & contingency search, 24/7 sourcing, turnkey project hiring, documentation & process standardization, employee life cycle management, organization design & structuring, performance management and compensation & reward management.

The Success Factors

While MintRPO endeavors to streamline its client's HR operations through its agile, nimble and effective platform powered by advanced data management technology and proven processes, it also forges credible partnerships with all its suppliers and service providers, so as to organize them into credible and quality-conscious sources of value across the HRO continuum while continuing to be flexible and aligned with client needs. The company also takes a greater pride in its young dynamic team that ranges from freshers to old hands in the HR industry who have intensified this pride by successfully adding value for their clients.

Continuing the Progressive Legacy

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