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Pentaur Technology: Personalizing the True Essence of the Strategic Outsourcing Partner

Kavitha G.
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Kavitha G.
It is rightly said that, 'speed can never overtake credibility'. Especially in the business world that's intensely driven by the customer satisfaction, it becomes very imperative for a business to implant trust in the customers' heart that can make or break its life. Trust does not own a different definition in the outsourcing industry; instead it annexes more weight with its affinity to decide the outsourcing businesses' tenure life with their customer. However, amongst the breeding outsourcing providers who define their relationship with the clients with the Statement of Work (SOW) contracts, it is very difficult to hunt for those partners who go beyond the paper works, thus not only empowering themselves, but also enabling clients to excel. A Bangalore based software outsourcing company named Pentaur Technology stands synonymous with the aforementioned characteristics of such partner and the entity has successfully joined the special breed of boutique outsourcing companies that have set a benchmark in reflecting the true role of outsourcing as a strategic partner.

Pentaur, which lay its heart and soul in becoming an alter-ego for the U.S. based startups to create innovative products and solutions, seized its life to help an U.S. startup. "Pentaur was founded in 2007 when a U.S. based startup approached us for collaboration. We wanted to help but we didn't want to be yet another outsourcing company. Thus, we set our ground rules from day one and the U.S. entity today considers us as their India extension," explains Rachita Atal, Founder & President, Pentaur Technology. With 19 years of rich experience in the industry, primarily in engineering and management roles, Rachita perfectly understands the ins and outs of the clients' psyche and usher her crew to partner with clients in all of their requirements, round the clock. With majority of its excellence vested in software development arena, the company has architected its development vertical, so as to bend to any needs of design & implementations across any technology area and across platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OSx, iOS and Android. Pentaur's key technology areas include, but are not limited to, Objective C, Swift, Java and PHP languages. The professional personnel embed their focus and experience in enriching the complete product lifecycle that covers Product Design, Development, Quality Assurance and Post-release Maintenance, thus facilitating the startups to personify their visions in the most strategic and cost effective manner. Besides, Pentaur has also proven its competency in marketing, mobile and web technologies. The team focused on mobile technologies vests its expertise in creating complex 2D and 3D games as well as sophisticated mobile applications.

While Pentaur goes an extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction in its each and every transparent endeavor, it is also celebrated for its work culture that has helped the company to mark its presence with lowest attrition rate. With monthly 'Brown bag talks' that cover variety of topics on professional and personal growth, the company not only keeps the team abreast with latest technologies, but also invokes the management and leadership qualities hidden in the employees. Pentaur also hands out several opportunities such as Hackathons and embolden its team to contribute regularly to open source projects, thus building a workplace which is conducive to personal growth. From 5 members to 40+ employees, the company is now looking to grow at a CAGR of about 40 percent of employee growth rate. Pentaur is currently working on its subsidiary which is creating its own IP on mobile platform, creating games and applications.

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