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Binary Resource Management: Transforming IT into an Economical Abode

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Kavitha G.
Dreaming occupies a critical portion of a to-be-entrepreneur's life. But the major difference lies in stepping out of one's comfy cushion and living his dreams. This precisely mirrors the entrepreneurial journey of two intellectuals – Sharad Sharma (programming) and Subrata Saha (designing). Resigning to a mundane chore which constrained their creative freedom, they stepped forward to fill flesh to their long desired dream of starting afresh. The idea which was shaped behind the screens of two laptops, annexed a different avatar when their first local project with a MNC won them the position of an extended arm of the MNC's IT platform. This success saga led to the onset of Binary Resource Management (BRM) – a leading professional website design, mobile app, ERP development company of today.

When BRM opened their eyes, they were the darling babies of U.S. and other overseas markets riding high over other players. However, they soon realized the breeding numbers of the crunches the huge domestic outsourcing market was unveiling and implanted their heart and soul into the domestic industry. Today, BRM is cherished by 1100 happy domestic off-shore customers. Living up to their tagline 'Technology for everyone without complexity' and their motto of making IT economical for every common business man, BRM has developed many services and software that runs on subscription, but not on any pockets. The success factors include the men behind the solutions with whose continuous endeavor the services are molded to bend to any project requirements. With 93 people strong and young teams of qualified professionals scattered across 23 cities of India, BRM ensures a reliable performance and outstanding customer experience; be it in terms of infrastructure and equipment or staff and methods of working. "No one is born Successful & Experienced. If we need great leader we have to build them," proclaims Sharad Sharma, Co-Founder, BRM. Echoing in the similar veins, Subrata Saha, Managing Director, BRM adds, "We are equipped with all kinds of people over here, ranging from fresher to experienced experts. If we hire a fresher, we train them for 1-2 years, till they transform into experienced".

The BRM Portfolio

The company is highly known for their 360 degree IT outsourcing services, IT support services & products, which flows across industry segments, steering productivity, time & employee performance, while streamlining the businesses by empowering clients to maintain the IT infrastructure where their businesses abode. The services portfolio of BRM further covers a host of solutions like website design, website development, website hosting, software development, graphics design, brochure design, corporate identity, logo design, Mobile App, ERP , Stock & Inventory and online marketing. Besides, BRM also offers customized e-Commerce development solutions which are powered by cutting-edge technologies, creativity and solid marketing strategies, thus helping the patrons to provide their clients a rich and engaging shopping experience.

What's next for BRM?

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