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Integration of New Technologies into Next Generation Systems

Chris Bedi
Friday, November 8, 2013
Chris Bedi
JDSU is a California-based company that designs and manufactures products for optical communications networks, communications test and measurement equipment, and several other spaces. The company currently has a market capital of $3.52 billion.

Emerging trends within the industry
In regards to the IT industry, the main trends are to empower our employees through mobile solutions and access to real time information that helps them get faster access to intelligence so they can be strategic and quickly drive decisions. Internally, it is also the continued migration of our IT services to the cloud and the virtualization of the network.
When it comes to external technology trends that JDSU supports for its customers, key areas include:
The Network: The pace of technology is moving very fast and network operators are being flooded with unpredictable and unstructured data traveling through networks. They need to scale their networks with new technologies and adjust their business models to meet this explosive demand. This also means moving more management of the network to a software-based model that helps mobile operators gain more visibility and the targeted intelligence, the need to not only ensure the quality of their networks but also offer new services that help them monetize the network. JDSU has become a strategic partner in this area.
Networks are also becoming faster and more agile to support the influx of connected users and the resulting data. This requires the implementation of highly integrated and flexible optical components within network infrastructures and JDSU also has a leading position in this area.
Anti-Counterfeiting: Counterfeit activity continues to grow and is an escalating global problem that negatively impacts economies and people's lives. JDSU is providing unique anti-counterfeiting technology such as color-shifting pigments that make it easy for a person to identify the validity of a product but makes it difficult for a counterfeiter to replicate. Counterfeiters continue to get access to more technology to try and create fake products, so our unique security solutions are vital in thwarting their efforts. An example of this would be a color-shifting image on a piece of currency.
JDSU also supports key trends happening in the area of lasers and emerging areas like gesture recognition. This technology is exciting because it simplifies the way that people interact with technology. Now people can use simple body movements or gestures to activate applications. It first took off a few years ago in gaming and is making its way into a variety of PCs, tablets and smart TVs. All of the major operating systems are now gesture enabled.
Mobile devices are next, once the core technology can be shrunk down while at the same time preserving the same high performance and reliability.

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