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The Change Makers of the Work Culture

Anamika Sahu
Friday, June 3, 2016
Anamika Sahu
I recently attended a conference where HRs were having a heated conversation on the globally changing work culture that have pushed the boundaries of the HR to think beyond the old school methods of retaining employees and engaging them. While I personally believe that it is not just the monetary benefit that keeps employees stick to an organization, it is now more on empowering them to be the owner of their work, providing a better work-life balance, work hour flexibility, onsite work opportunity, agility, nimbleness and others, my thoughts were seconded by the HRs in the conference.

While there is a craze of joining startups by youngsters/freshers just out of the college, we see a lot of them handling critical positions within a short span of time. This is because of the kind of extensive training and on-the-job experience that most of the employees do not gain in multi-national corporates. While one of the HR stated that it was freedom to take ownership of the project and decision for the same that ruled the chart, I was astonished to note what another HR uttered - the philanthropic and CSR activities by the organization are also playing an eminent role in grabbing best minds that wants not just to work but also to bring a positive dent within the society.

We also notice a huge shift in the way companies treat women employees. Today, female employees are given equal chances (if not better) to grow within the organization and are recognized as well. And bringing this shift is no big organization but startups. Maternity leaves have been increased from three months to six months along with extended leaves or work from home option.

But these are just the upper surface of the pyramid. When scratched, we will see more innovative ways of dealing with employees from the startups that will change the course of looking at work. I believe biggies will follow their footsteps to retain their experienced people who are now packing their bags to make a shift to startups.
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