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Transforming Indian Start-Ups into One of the Best Places to Work At

Bamasish Paul, Co-founder & CEO, Healthenablr
Friday, June 3, 2016
Bamasish Paul, Co-founder & CEO, Healthenablr
Headquartered in Mumbai, Healthenablr offers two distinct products for doctors (Pocclinic) and patients (Poccare) through which the doctors and patients can co-ordinate with each other in a quick, efficient and hassle-free way

Over the past decade, the Indian IT boom has made news the world over. Today, our markets are open to investors across the globe and our engineers and IT professionals have settled in places far and wide. But perhaps the best part of this growth of our economy is the fact that start-up companies are becoming more and more popular today, particularly with the younger generation, who are energetic and full of vibrant ideas.

Start-up companies in India haven't had it easy; there's capital to arrange for, expenses to cater to and a government to deal with. As someone who might have your own newly launched company, you may be wondering - what can you do to make sure your employees not only do their jobs, but also enjoy it? How can you convince them to stay with you, despite being a fledgling in the field?

Here are a number of ways to make your start-up an amazing place to work in-

• Focus on having a small, strong team of workers. Having a lean team has a number of advantages – each member is devoted to the other and it becomes a team in the truest sense, with each holding the other up. But on a more concrete note, lean teams allow for more individual learning and productivity; each person has to multitask and work twice as hard to make up for the lack of manpower; so the exposure to the industry and the work is much more. This means that you have strong leaders to take over later as your company grows and growth of the individual in the job – which is a personal aspiration for many – is multifaceted!

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