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Testbook.com: A Young Work Abode that Empowers Quality Workmanship

Kavitha G.
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Kavitha G.
Jack is a technical lead at a software company. He is like the typical employee whose every morning is filled with the tunes of 'Monday Blues'that pull him back to his bed; whose every working hour is an arduous wait for the clock to strike five;and whose evenings are filled with the mixed feelings where, he is both thrilled to hang out with his beloved, and dreading the next day's office schedule. While the business empire is replete with Jack-like employees whose sole purpose is to make a living, the employees of Testbook - an online test preparation platform for competitive exams - are blessed with a work abode which encourages them to enjoy their work."Our employees enjoy their workplace more than their homes. If they want to work on Sundays, well, they can enjoy their work with a free beer, " proclaims Ashutosh Kumar, Co-Founder& CEO, Testbook.

Launched in 2014, Testbook is the collective thought of six IITians including Ashutosh Kumar and Narendra Agarwal. The existing dearth of effective quality content for students appearing for competitive exams was the seed of the organization, which has transformed to join the no-frills ranks of leading competitive exam-preparation platforms of today. "Access to technologies has become much easier by virtue of availability of the finest technology experts. But, access to quality content is no easy feat. However, we are proud to say that the two strong pillars - technology and quality content - are crystallized here, in-house. The in-house content team comprises IITians and others toppers of the toughest exams, making test preparation hassle-free," adds Ashutosh. With over 1.25 lakh registered users who have collectively solved over 62 lakh questions till now, the platform currently includes, exams in engineering, banking, placement, insurance and management streams. The live tests and free tests have raised the bar for testing platforms. Testbook shows some serious technical prowess by bringing lakhs of students together on the same platform at the same time.

Testbook is celebrated for their rich data analytics. The goal-driven company makes sure that every employee who comes on-board has access to mentors responsible for the growth of that individual's career. As they grow, they are empowered to taste mentorship themselves. The 'we-are-a-family' ethos spread across the organization has also carved a safe environment for women, as they are taken care of from the moment they enter the company till the second they reach back home safely.

The company's work environment is further reflected in its flexible timings. People are encouraged to work at whatever time they feel they are most productive. Feeling too ill to come in today, but not so ill that you feel like procrastinating? Work from home is an option on these days. And the concept of suits and ties is alien at Testbook. People are encouraged to spend less time focusing on being someone else and more time on being their best selves. While at Testbook, employees are given free rein to try their hand at whatever they feel like. A huge part of Testbook's philosophy is to find hidden talents in its employees and empower them to channel these talents in their work.

Testbook comprises of 20-25 years old, who have steered the company to a work environment where talent is appreciated. Currently, Testbook is working aggressively in the mobile space and will soon release a revolutionary mobile app. The company is also crystallizing the platform for adaptive learning which is going to be their main focus in the coming years.

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