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Seclore: The World's Most Advanced Enterprise Digital Rights Management Solution

si Team
Monday, January 16, 2017
si Team
With enterprise data security threats constantly expanding and collaboration of data beyond the corporate border being the 'new norm', protecting perimeters and devices is no longer proving effective. Companies are now adopting solutions that ensure data and files are persistently protected wherever they travel, including while they are at rest, in transit, and at work. Today, more companies are adopting Enterprise Data Rights Management (EDRM) solutions, which offer persistent and granular usage controls that manage, enforce and audit who can access a file, what the recipient can do with the file, from which device/location, and when.

The Genesis

An IIT Bombay graduate and a specialist in biometric security systems, Vishal Gupta (Founder & CEO) along with his two college mates' Abhijit Tannu (Founder & CTO) and Manjul Kubde (Founder & Chief Product Architect) - incepted Seclore in 2005. Vishal's ideation in fingerprint imaging was a breakthrough in the space which led to the development of core technology behind Herald Logic 2000, and in turn the company enjoyed a 220 percent growth, spreading to Singapore and Australia as well. Even though incubated in the heart of Mumbai, Seclore has made an indelible mark on the global stage. Today Seclore protects 60 percent more documents over competition thereby becoming the world's most advanced and widely adopted EDRM solution.

Partnering closely with customers, the company combines deep industry expertise and uniquely open, scalable & persistent data-centric technology to seamlessly extend its security infrastructure beyond the organization. The result is effortless, secure collaboration inside and outside the company through advanced & persistent data-centric protection architected to rapidly close remaining security gaps. "We have continually pushed the boundaries by introducing features like Policy Federation & Automation," elucidates Vishal. Leveraging pre-built connectors and Policy Federation, Seclore's solution can automatically protect more files faster than any other solution, while document remains protected. The solutions are based on a single-stack architecture that doesn't rely on other platforms or underlying systems, and thus eliminate finger pointing and breakdowns in security between various components. "Our solutions can protect any type of file, on any device and allow it to be used in the native application," adds Vishal. This 'any-ness' factor is one of the secrets of Seclore's success, minimizing friction and maximizing adoption.

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