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Ramyam Intelligence Lab: Delivering Next Best Actions for each and every Individual Customer

si Team
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
si Team
In this customer epoch, the CEM (Customer Experience Management) industry is on an unprecedented rise and recent studies have suggested that engaging customers by providing continuous and superior customer experience will surpass price and product to become the key differentiator by 2020. Proving the trajectory of recent study, a recent research revealed that majority of customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. Today's over-informed customers expect organizations to proactively address their individual needs, wants and goals. However, most CEM companies still dwell within a small circle of website, loyalty, churn and campaign management type of point solutions. Ramyam Intelligence Lab, the Bangalore based Enterprise CEM company, dives deep into the domain to empower its clients to continuously engage every individual customer as an asset and not merely a static number, owing to the holistic customer base engagement and experience management capabilities of its product enliven CEM.

Enliven CEM Looking towards an upward rise in Revenue, Customer Advocacy, Productivity & Loyalty
With the comprehensive profile for each customer created from three dimensions namely demographic, transaction & interaction data, which may be instructured & unstructured form, Ramyam guides clients to streamline their offerings by delivering the next best actions based on individual customer's behaviours and needs while making the relevant to location and time context.The integrated enterprise product integrating with all the systems at customer's site, sends these recommendations and personalizations directly to business applications and various touch points to enable clients to act upon instantly. The overall customer experience is monitored by a built-in virtual account managerto cater all customers, even if they are in millions.Despite having Big Data as the underlying technology, Ramyam doesn't act as an analytics company and definitely not as another CRM company.

We promote Customer Delight and stand by what we say; we improve customer loyalty, advocacy, productivity and revenue by automating CEM process across business processes with reinstated measures of validation, explains MV Balasubrahmanyam (Balu), Founder & CEO, Ramyam Intelligence Lab. Using actionable analytics, Ramyam derives insights, launches actionability across preferred touch points (SMS, email or website) and monitors customer's reaction for the given actions. Besides addressing customer's concerns at real-time, Enliven CEM also helps in making relevant meaningful engagement decisions by holistic customer profile building across multiple channels and multiple attributes.

Predicting the Dawn of Customer Era
While working in a telecom product company, Balu and Kiran Lakkapragada (Co-Founder &COO) noticed that the service providers are spending millions of Doallrs in automating their existing procesess, but still the end customers are unhappy about the services and products. Precisely predicting the dawn of customer centric era in 2009 itself, the duo built an Enterprise CEM platform in 24 months, with sheer focus on measuring and enhancing customer experience by not sampling and surveying but with data. Incepted at a time when this was an unheard concept with no established player, convincing clients was a Herculean task for Ramyam. However, showcasing Enliven CEM's capabilities with pilot projects and customized prototypes addressing the specific pain areas of the customers helped it to not just acquire top notch customers and channel partners around the world but also $5 million in order book value, not to mention the plethora of awards and recognitions. After filing for patents in India and U.S. in 2012, Ramyam built solutions and services around the product to cater diverse verticals.

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