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Position2: Turning Content to Gold

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Content marketing used to be the well-placed ad in print media. Imagine. No real target. No immediate feedback. No viable performance metrics. It's an attitude that still persists, even in the new age of digital marketing. While 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing, only a third of them check on effectiveness.

Today's digital marketing is happening on the mobile platform. If the content and message isn't seen in graphics and video as well as editorial, it just isn't seen. Or, it certainly isn't seen by the people your enterprise wants to target because those people are right in front of any device, anytime, anywhere and their number is growing. The 50 million smartphones in India in 2013 exploded to 114 million a year later. And print media? In the United States one in every eight minutes of online time is spent on Facebook, a social network platform that now claims over 1 billion people. That's where Position2 comes in with cutting edge Integrated Digital Marketing Services.

Seeing Digital for What It Is

An Accel-backed company, Position2 delivers continuous growth for its customers through creative and ROI focused digital marketing services. Position' provides to customers across the world, access to world class integrated online marketing solutions, taking advantage of full service digital capabilities that include search marketing (organic & paid), creative production, media, web analytics, email marketing, web development & marketing automation. Not only does Position2 bring years of domain experience to the table, it brings deep knowledge of client technology. The conversation may be about integrated digital marketing, but it's in the technology language best understood by the client and the target customer.

Typically, Position2 leverages client content, a white paper say, repurposing it into videos, infographics, PowerPoint presentations, all the while optimizing the spread and impact on social media networks. The white paper that atrophies on an enterprise website becomes a miracle of multilayered digital marketing content, appearing everywhere imaginable. The company creates Visitor-Generated Content (VGC) to run on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+, all of it customized to solve a client's specific marketing challenges.

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