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Finesse: Cost-effective Alternative for the Giant Players of the Industry

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Latest Gartner surveys confirm that the number of CIOs who believe 'big data will replace their existing analytical infrastructure' has taken a nosedive to 3 percent. It is mainly because CIOs realize that it makes more sense to amalgamate big data with the unassailable data warehousing space that has numerous revolutionary breakthroughs. Big data has opened a way to the expansion of enterprise data warehousing and raised the bar. Passing the bar smoothly by bringing together advanced technology and robust infrastructure by leveraging their extensive domain & technology expertise is Finesse, a cost-effective global company providing data warehousing services. Finesse was founded in Middle East by Raju Ramesh, CEO and Sunil Paul, COO in 2010 as a pure system integration company with key focus on BFSI sector. BFSI is still their primary focus, since the tech savvies with experience over quarter century are keen on adapting to the new technologies.

Unified Solution

"Everyone in Finesse's 15 Plus member leadership team takes responsibility for one territory, one technology domain and a functional domain. These inter-dependent leaders complement each other to provide a unified solution," says Sudheer Kumar Raju, Director & CTO, Finesse. Since Finesse is not confined within a field, they approach their customers with a complete out of the box solutions tailored to their needs. The company adds tremendous value to their customers by providing an end-to-end integration. "We offer complete BI & Analytics programme from strategy to execution that would enable customers to gain real-time business insights, customer insights and competitive insights to make more informed business decisions," says Sunil Paul, Co-Founder & COO, Finesse.

"While it is quite fashionable to talk about Big Data the reality is that the vast amount of data that enterprises consume come with some serious challenging legacy data quality issues. Most of the time when these transaction-processing systems were designed, one thing that architects failed in visualization is the pace of data accumulation within these as well as reference systems. This is precisely why we suddenly see data architects being in heavy demand. There is no other alternative for enterprises to avoid going into a onetime massive data cleansing exercise. The sooner they do it the better; else the problem just starts to grow with the data. Today, there are some pretty good data quality toolsets available that can even give a huge automation advantage to the effort. This is precisely what we do at Finesse. Data warehousing is also about making the right data available. We can start by doing the dirty job of cleaning and at the other end build the sophisticated data architecture models to be ready for data explosion tomorrow," says Raju Ramesh, CEO & Co-Founder of Finesse

Finesse has partnered with several BI vendors from Qlik, SAP, ORACLE, Tagetik, Software AG, Kofax, OpenText and many more who acts as the resellers and implementers of their products. It enables the company to present their clients with multiple choices of solutions unlike other companies who force customers to use one product/solution. The company understands customer requirement and propose the appropriate solution they require to achieve their goal. Finesse's team works closely with customers to design enterprise wide BI strategy, build an optimized data warehouse and then integrate with information delivery tools. The company has over 200 talented employees across the globe. The passionate team identifies and implements the best practices in the industry and leverage on real life experience to implement solutions that are proven and best suited to their clients.

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