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InsideView: Taking You From Automation to Real-Time

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Anamika Sahu
The cost and time to engage customers continue to rise. CMOs need more than an automated CRM solution to engage with the clients – indeed a real-time CRM to be able to take advantage of the variety of data at hand by creating strategies focused on customers. This will enable their businesses to provide more customer lifetime value than ever before. CRM has travelled a long way from just being purely an automation system designed for the benefits of executives to becoming a real-time information system that brings value to everyone in the organization with applications like InsideView. Though there are several organizations promising to offer such solution, there are only a handful of those who truly provides solutions to gain greater value from the client's existing CRM investments. One such company is InsideView – a SaaS company that garners insights and relationships from business information, contact data, customer CRM data and others.

With buyers becoming less responsive, it has become hard for companies to engage with their prospects and customers. CRM Intelligence is a key competitive advantage in helping all such companies better understand their market and answer the question – how to effectively engage with people and companies we want to do business with. A pioneer in CRM Intelligence, InsideView provides a suite of software solutions for sales and marketing leaders that deliver critical intelligence directly into CRM. This CRM Intelligence platform complements marketing and sales automation solutions from all the major providers, helping InsideView's customers gain more value from existing investment. The company is focused on providing the most accurate, complete and relevant market intelligence to CRM users. Its big data, technology-driven aggregation allows it to deliver a much richer picture of companies and people than traditional data providers. InsideView has recently launched the InsideView Open Platform that allows any enterprise or software developer to integrate InsideView's Market Intelligence in their application to bring real-time insights about companies and people to their users.

"We majorly focus on making our customers (B2B companies) more effective at generating revenue from existing and prospective customers," says Sesha M. Rao, Managing Director, Indian Operations, InsideView. While CMOs are trying to figure how to extract analytics from data, thus missing out on performing their actual responsibility, InsideView's most accurate data, valuable insights and professional connections helps them deliver more leads. On the other hand, with the help of these data, sales executives can close more deals and account managers can retain and grow their accounts. The company provides the world's only CRM Intelligence Platform that reveals critical information about companies, contacts and connections through the entire customer lifecycle, thus increasing the opportunity to convert prospects into customers. InsideView's strategic agreement with Microsoft to provide InsideView for Sales and InsideView for Marketing into the Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online equips sales and marketing people to work more effectively whilst achieving their sales and marketing goals much easily.

Timely and accurate insights alert the users about relevant news and events, from over 30,000 online sources, InsideView aggregates LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, existing customers, colleagues and personal contacts – and it's a private connections cloud accessible only within client's company. The company has over 20,000 companies and 450,000 users successfully using its technology worldwide, with a proven ability to increase conversion rates, acquire more customers and develop longer lasting and more profitable relationships with them.

InsideView's team is constantly innovating and has introduced multiple new products this fiscal year. "To cultivate such innovative ideas within the organization, InsideView has a zero politics policy focusing on collaboration and open sharing of information. A substantial amount of our employees come from top tier institutes and we provide them an open work culture and environment where every employee's voice is heard and allowed to make a huge impact," says Umberto Milletti, Founder & CEO, InsideView.

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