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Yellow Umbrella: A Revolution in Direct Marketing

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
The 'Game Changers' in Direct Marketing took a path from where others saw a Dead-End. This is Yellow Umbrella. This implementation champions have revived the whole meaning of the term 'Direct Marketing' (DM). Thus, DM was resurrected, bringing thunderbolt to Advertising and Marketing industry.

While many corporate interpret direct marketing as a part of technology, Yellow Umbrella, with its expertise in both creative & communication, plots the customer, generates interest and opens a channel of communication. Being a major contributor towards the success of DM in India, Yellow Umbrella is indomitable in its service level which, in spite of possessing high competency, takes charge to eliminate the complexity and provides uninterrupted service. The Company, comprising of a very dynamic team, is the only full-fledged DM organization to be certified ISO 9001:2008 and also rated SE3B by NSIC CRISIL.

DM has always been considered as the most conventional form of marketing communication, bringing various corporate to their distinct consumers, eliminating all the mediators. With its inception in 2010, Yellow Umbrella has carved a niche for itself with diverse services delivered through its offices spread across India and globally. Various facets of their services include Direct Mailers, Digital campaigns, Response Management, Mailing List, Data Analytics, Tele-calling, Mail Distribution, Loyalty Programs, Creative, Conceptualization to name some.

Owning more than 40 million consumer records, Yellow Umbrella knows the pulse of audience. To service the diverse cultural requirement across India, Yellow Umbrella strategically executes highly professional campaigns of more than 100,000 mailers, each day. This base is refined and organized using latest Database Management Systems, Data Warehousing, Web integration, Data cleaning methodologies, Data Segmentation techniques, Business Intelligence tools and more.

Yellow Umbrella has deeper understanding of the customer fragmentation in India. "Our clients come to us to stay with us" gestures YU Team which also believes "If a marketing campaign has failed, it is to do with lack of strong base, implementation failure, lack of expertise and enormously lacking strategy".

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