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ETP International: Helping Retailers Get it Right in Retail

Susila Govindaraj
Monday, October 6, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Studies estimate that the increasing brand consciousness amongst the Indian population is leading the retail industry to grow a vibrant 25 percent annually. To be a step ahead of market changes in such fast changing retail landscape, retailers expect nimble and adept consultation and modifications to their software. Empowered by their vast domain expertise in the retail industry, ETP International brings global best practices to their customers through well-documented templates that address customers' strategy and vision of growth. ETP is highly capable of delivering the same, as it sells and implements the solutions directly, providing customers access to ETP's labs.

Founded in 1988, ETP has been focused on the Indian Retail market for over 15 years. Since, the company that has achieved a leadership position in ASEAN markets envisions achieving the same worldwide; ETP focusses on the enterprise sector and partner with medium and large retailers operating 50 to 2,000 stores. As ETP understands that developing a software product to achieve enterprise-class scalability needs a very different architecture and design approach, the company delivers modern, innovative and highly scalable technology. ETP has one of the largest on-ground implementation team among retail solution companies in India, with over 250 skilled and experienced consultants. ETP's R&D team grows by 40 percent annually, ensuring that each project implementation and product development is vetted through rigorous quality checks. The company has successfully completed more than 500 enterprise retail projects across 20,000+ stores and over 100 warehouses in 20+ countries and has over 5,000 stores in India running on their systems.

Secure & Scalable ETP V5

ETP's Retail Software Solutions are focused on helping retailers create the right customer experience across channels; get the right products at the right price to the right locations in the right quantities at the right time. ETP V5 is an enterprise class, scalable and secure platform that has robust features incorporating store operations and online channels, marketing campaigns and CRM, supply chain management and warehousing, merchandise and assortment planning, with powerful analytics solutions to proactively make the right business decisions and enhance profitability. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive web/mobile and social media applications, the solutions are tuned to the new generation of retail employees.

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