The CIO's Cloud Conundrum

Bask Iyer, SVP & CIO
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Bask Iyer, SVP & CIO
Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR) is a leading manufacturer of networking equipment providing an innovative thinking, partnership and commitment that enable the world's best networks. Founded in 1996, the U.S. headquartered company has a current market cap of $10.49 billion.

While CIOs are, of course, technology leaders, CIOs are also'first and foremost'business leaders. As a result, they must look at technology trends not for just what they bring to IT, but for how they enable the business.

Today, every CIO knows cloud has made the transition from tech 'buzz word' to a critical business enabler. CIOs are no longer being asked to explain what a cloud is. Nor are they being asked if they should move their business to the cloud. Today's CIO's are instead are instead being asked to provide the details of when and how they will make the move.

Cloud is no longer optional. With everything going mobile, with social redefining how we communicate, with data stores exploding, and with the rise of big-data analytics, cloud is the key enabler. Businesses are using cloud to enable collaboration and speed innovation. They are looking to the cloud as they develop and deliver apps to reach their customers. They are relying on the cloud as they store, manage, and analyze huge volumes of data to identify opportunities to target their customers in more effective ways or optimize their operations.

While the benefits are clear, actually moving to the cloud can be a real conundrum. But it is doable.

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