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Motif: Applying Exceptional Outsourcing Solutions into Customer Businesses

Kavitha G.
Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Kavitha G.
In today’s business environment, enterprises regard Customer Service to be at the core of establishing competitive advantage in the marketplace and ensure long-termleadership. The emergence of e-commerce enabled initiatives in various sectors has conceptualized the pathway for the BPO/Contact Center industry to accelerate its pace of growth, but has also modified client's psyche to form more strategic outsourcing partnerships. This has raised client's expectations and the consequent hunt for service providers who leverage their knowledge, capabilities and experience to improve efficiency in client's processes.It is this unique facet that makes California based high quality service provider Motif India Infotech Pvt. Ltd. stand out from the crowd of several service providers by deliveringanalytical insights and process innovation that helps the client reduce total cost of ownership and improve customer experience.

Born in the epoch, which witnessed a significant rise in demand for BPOs and Contact Centers, Motif has built a firm foundation as a BPO/Contact Center service companywith its customer-centric suite of services and has also been consistently helping its clients to improve customer experience. Primarily targeting e-Commerce marketplaces, online retail, online travel and financial services industries, the company offers multi-channel customer support outsourcing services over voice, e-mail & chat, social media analytics, fraud prevention, content management, back office processing and research &analytics. Working closely with Fortune 500 and mid-market clients in the US, UK, Australia and India, Motif has fostered successfullong-termpartnerships with its clientele.

The in-house ERP - Confluence, which has over 50 customized applications, including knowledge bases, dashboards, analytic tools, performance trackers and customized tools, makes the company distinguish itself from other service providers. "Motif's focus on innovation and providing continuous business intelligence to its clients has resulted in more complex work being outsourced to Motif. It has also helped us to form long term partnerships and become a preferred partner to our clients," affirms Kaushal Mehta, Founder & CEO, Motif. Apart from the process and analysis-driven services, the brand also provides business intelligence solutions cropping down overall cost of ownership.

Building a Value Based Organization

Several organizations fail to value their most precious assets – Employees, thus leading to added cost and sometimes destitute performance. However, the founders, Kaushal and Parul Mehta came back to India with a vision to replicatetheir 10 years of experience of working in the USby creating a customer centric, value based organization with their 3i Core Values: Integrity – Do the right thing at all times, Intensity – Go above and beyond and Intellect – Challenge the status quo. Today, the company is recognized best for its open and transparent work culturewhere employees are empowered whilst providing the knowledge and freedom to grow, thus creating a strong relationship between management and employees.

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