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Elitecore Technologies: Stabilizing Billing Systems through Viable Services

Kavitha G.
Thursday, October 9, 2014
Kavitha G.
Network management is arguably the toughest challenge confronted by the operators of networks and services. With voice becoming less significant, data traffic has outgrown into more intense and dominant giant causing a large-scale botheration to the operators in monetizing and managing the network. This has not only made earning revenue more difficult, but also has curtailed the quality service offered by the operators mandating the network providers to increase the cost. To overcome this, they need robust billing support system which offers innovative business models, enabling a stable and hassle-free network and cost management. Elitecore Technologies is one such firm that acquires an excellent position to address the management needs and challenges providing a comprehensive suite of BSS services.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, the global IT product company Elitecore Technologies has been offering next-generation BSS core components whiledelivering a sound and stable cost and revenue management. Elitecore was established in 1999 by highly experienced software technocrats and started its journey with billing software development. Today, the company has expanded its offerings topre-integrated frameworks across Wi-Fi, wireline broadband, mobile broadband and network policy domains. This Carlyle Group investee, vests its proven expertise majorly in telecommunication and internet domains, delivering solutions with rich features and cost-effective model. Recognized as a niche vendor by Gartner, Elitecore targets more on monetization, globalization and personalization of the services.

As a simplified BSS provider, Elitecore offers many customer-centric applications and services in the domain, leveraging a faster, flexible and scalable time for integration and customization. The services cover a pre-integrated stack of LTE BSS &EPC services, next generation billing, cloud billing and enterprise billing including a preferential BSS platform around Wi-Fi. The company largely targets at billing, revenue management, charging, policy management and AAA solutions. Elitecore also delivers numerous billing and management services under the name of Crestel, an array of next generation data, voice and video services over wireline and wireless networks along with a unified customer care platform. In addition, the company also hands out core network session control services, Access Controller, IP Telephony frameworks and '24 Online' internet access management solutions. IP telephony networks encompass NeoxSoftswitch, a feature-rich and versatile VoIP solution and Neox IP-PBX, a cost-effective hybrid PBX VoIP solution.

The exemplifying services of Elitecore are backed by the open, transparent and innovative work culture. The numerous monthly and weekly forums and rigorous trainings for the professionals do not only help them to endeavor towards winning challenges, but also help them to work towards accomplishing the future needs of the customers. The platforms like 'Make A Difference' draws in every employees to make them aware of the current and future innovations in the industry as well as within the company. The employees are also given opportunities to represent the company and themselves on global platforms. The young company also houses a marketing team from which the innovative growth of the company is spread across all the geographies.

With offices in and across India, Elitecore has strong plan to expand its geographical dimensions in Latin America, Europe and South East Asia. With major focus on augmenting employee performance, the company also aims to double its employee base by 2017. Besides, the brand also envisions for earning the maximum market share and growing 50 percent more in its near future.

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