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Plintron: The Universe for Innovation, Expertise & Quality Telecom Professionals

Anamika Sahu
Friday, June 26, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Half of the world's population today has a mobile subscription. This is up from just one person in five over a decade ago. GSMA Intelligence reports predict an additional one billion subscribers by 2020, taking the global penetration rate to over 60 percent. This will open up avenues of opportunities for the Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) as well.

In this huge ocean of opportunity, Plintron stands tall as the world leader in the MVNE market and has been crowned as the largest cloud based multi-country MVNE. Plintron came into existence in Chennai at an epoch when MVNE was a dare dream here, in 2008. Since then, Mohan Kumar Sundaram and Subhashree (the co-founders) together have knitted themselves well within the industry to understand clients' predicaments. This is why; every solution offered by Plintron is exclusive in its characteristic and addresses unique pain points of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) spread across 21 countries – a record among the MVNE players.

Plintron also offers a cost arbitrage to its clients because of their home grown components. Talking about further expansion, Mohan, Co-Founder & Chairman, Plintron, says, "We are catering to increasing customers each day and recently we opened up office in Africa". To offer services at more competitive price, Plintron is becoming more online and digital in its approach. To become more agile in its trait and operations for good business mix, the company has also ventured into online tools like program management and resource management where employees collaborate with legacy system to increase their productivity and efficiency.

The Epitome of Talent

Bearing the torch of being the Mecca of its realm, Plintron has transformed into a collaborative organization rather than a hierarchical one where employees enjoy immense freedom. Being a product technology company, employees (Plintronians) do not work here on partitioned and isolated component of the overall product/solution as they do in any other large organization. KVN Rao, Professional Services, Plintron excitingly asserts, "I've been with Plintron for three and half years. It's been a wonderful journey with good learning's and I foresee tremendous amount of opportunities to learn. Out of my 18 years of total experience, I am still learning a lot and this is the place helping me to learn. What motivates me is the company having clear vision on growth path, staying with the company will obviously help me as an individual to grow. Compared to other telecom companies, Plintron allows you to work with Engineering and the product development team so that we get to know how the product works from the scratch. I am extremely happy to work along with industry thought leaders who are good mentors as well". In addition, the company empowers Plintronians to take decisions to meet customers' business needs, which is a huge transformation and will make the organization more powerful. This provides huge satisfaction to Plintronians as they become the 'Kings of the Business/Delivery'.

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