It is Going to be the 'Millennials Way'

Anamika Sahu
Friday, June 26, 2015
Anamika Sahu
It has always been a tough decision to choose between the job you love and the job that pays you well. However, today, a company that is not just the amalgamation of both but offers unprecedented ways of growth, personally and professionally, to an employee is the most favored place to work for the millennials. Today, trust on people you work for, taking pride in what you do and enjoying the company of the people you work with are some of the elements that makes an organization a great place to work for. It is an indisputable fact today that creating a great workplace is an integral part of an organization's business strategy.

To fulfill this vision, companies have started extracting a huge chunk of their budget and dedicate towards the Human Resource Department. A lot of emphasis is put on personal and professional trainings including soft skill, technical and others. While the millennials have changed the old 9 to 5 office tagline, they now foresee the whole world as their work station. On the other hand, companies are also aligning their vision with that of their employees and offering them the scope of work from home and anytime, anywhere, until and unless necessary. Most of the companies I interacted with in the past few months have all confirmed that it is high time for them to not just ask employees to be a part of the organization, but the organization to shake hand and walk with the employees in fulfilling their personal and professional vision. This is what will term them as the best workplace buddy for their talent source.

To do so, companies are investing heavily in giving them a homely feeling where families of employees are invited for day outings, showered with gifts and benefits among others. Apart from this, several other innovative steps are being taken by the companies to attract new and fresh talent, to reap them and apply their skill sets for the benefit of the company. The Millennials have for sure disrupted the work culture and the companies walking hand-in-hand with them are the ones who become the favored work place for these future talent. In this issue of siliconindia, we bring to you the story of few such companies who have transformed themselves with time and again and have emerged as the 'si Best Companies to Work for'.

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