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Support.com: Leveraging Technology to Empower Every Agent to be Your Best Agent

Kavitha G.
Friday, June 26, 2015
Kavitha G.
The contact center is a business-critical component that can profoundly influence a brand's value in the market. In an ideal world, from product on-boarding to usage to resolving issues, support should be just a click away, and the interactions should be live - right from when the customers begin to ask for help until the issue is resolved. Support.com, a pioneering contact center software and solutions provider founded in 1997, is galloping miles ahead of its competitors by helping to make this ideal world real. Thanks to the Guided Paths� technology in its revolutionary product, Nexus�, the California-headquartered company with a state-of-the-art development center in Bangalore holds the unique capability of providing detailed information on exactly what happens inside every agent-customer interaction.

Making Lives Easier with Pragmatic Technology

Armed with such detailed data, managers can precisely understand what works for them, fine-tune the extremely user-friendly Guided Paths (without IT department help) and test the revised ones against the old. If there was an improvement, the new Guided Path can be made instantly available to all agents anywhere in the world. This pioneering concept, called Support Interaction Optimization (SIO), enables any agent to handle customer issues just like the very best agents do. Pioneers in developing policies and procedures to make virtual agenting work, Support.com can boast of handling over 20,000 calls a day in its own contact center, having one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry, and holding prestigious awards like Frost & Sullivan's 2014 SIO Company of the Year.

Driven by the lack of advanced support technologies, the company developed Nexus, 100 percent cloud-based software that provides customers with all the benefits of on-premises software with no compromises. What started as an effort aimed at transforming Support.com's own center is becoming a disruptive hit in the industry. "We drive revenue by making technology do what it's supposed to do," explains Support.com CEO & President Elizabeth Cholawsky, "Whether it's our contact center agents helping customers or somebody else's agents using our tools. Either way, we make people's lives a little easier in the process".

The Torchbearers Behind the Glory

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