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CYBERNETYX: Growing with Passion, Culture, Product-focus & Impact

Brinda Das
Monday, June 29, 2015
Brinda Das
CYBERNETYX, incepted in 2009 with offices in Hameln, Germany and Noida & Bangalore, India has an inspiring vision of developing industry-leading computer vision solutions in the human-computer interaction space. Focused on creating the next generation of computing and digital interaction solutions, CYBERNETYX has pioneered the development of EyeRISTM 3D tracking platform, custom developed high-speed electronic camera systems which run the company's Visual Touch software tracking engine. EyeRIS™ systems can track 3D spaces in real time, enabling the creation of multi-touch interactive computers with up to 255 simultaneous gesture and touch-points in a single screen, which holds the peak record in the industry or last 6 years and is powering most of the interactive projection systems in the world today.

Where Passion Paves the Path for Success

CYBERNETYX believes that its ecosystem is more suitable for people with a proactive & passionate 'maker' skill-set and is very selective about its hiring process. Cultural fit, radical thinking and growth mindset is given the utmost importance here. The open work culture and flat hierarchy keeps all on the floor where everybody is ready to challenge one other. CYBERNETYX also provides a platform where employees can voice their opinion along with interoperability of marketing and innovation departments.

"We do not strive to create an extraordinary working place just based on the allure of perks & other peripheral benefits. What we think can really motivate an employee over a long term is quality work, which creates a global impact & top of the market compensation. The employees must be free to choose what kind of work they want to do and how they want to do it. They have the liberty to make their own choices which is a significant motivating factor," asserts Nishant S. Rajawat, Co-Founder & MD, CYBERNETYX Group.

The venture does not confine its employees to fixed working hours but focuses more on their passion, proficiency and performance. Intent and key responsibilities are centrally connected to the company's goals, strategy and accomplishment. CYBERNETYX work culture also provides a respite from complicated organizational policies and encourages employee freedom and responsibility by eliminating red-tape and top-down decision making.

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