CYBERNETYX: Growing with Passion, Culture, Product-focus & Impact

Date:   Monday , June 29, 2015

CYBERNETYX, incepted in 2009 with offices in Hameln, Germany and Noida & Bangalore, India has an inspiring vision of developing industry-leading computer vision solutions in the human-computer interaction space. Focused on creating the next generation of computing and digital interaction solutions, CYBERNETYX has pioneered the development of EyeRISTM 3D tracking platform, custom developed high-speed electronic camera systems which run the company\'s Visual Touch software tracking engine. EyeRIS™ systems can track 3D spaces in real time, enabling the creation of multi-touch interactive computers with up to 255 simultaneous gesture and touch-points in a single screen, which holds the peak record in the industry or last 6 years and is powering most of the interactive projection systems in the world today.

Where Passion Paves the Path for Success

CYBERNETYX believes that its ecosystem is more suitable for people with a proactive & passionate \'maker\' skill-set and is very selective about its hiring process. Cultural fit, radical thinking and growth mindset is given the utmost importance here. The open work culture and flat hierarchy keeps all on the floor where everybody is ready to challenge one other. CYBERNETYX also provides a platform where employees can voice their opinion along with interoperability of marketing and innovation departments.

\"We do not strive to create an extraordinary working place just based on the allure of perks & other peripheral benefits. What we think can really motivate an employee over a long term is quality work, which creates a global impact & top of the market compensation. The employees must be free to choose what kind of work they want to do and how they want to do it. They have the liberty to make their own choices which is a significant motivating factor,\" asserts Nishant S. Rajawat, Co-Founder & MD, CYBERNETYX Group.

The venture does not confine its employees to fixed working hours but focuses more on their passion, proficiency and performance. Intent and key responsibilities are centrally connected to the company\'s goals, strategy and accomplishment. CYBERNETYX work culture also provides a respite from complicated organizational policies and encourages employee freedom and responsibility by eliminating red-tape and top-down decision making.

\"We don\'t measure people by how many hours they work or how much they are in the office. We do care about accomplishing great work. Achieving the objectives with minimal effort is rather rewarded with a promotion and more challenging work. On the other hand, continually getting substandard results despite putting in long hours and all-nighters is discouraged & can lead to a golden handshake,” adds Nishant.

Growing Outside the Comfort Zone

As often quoted that continuous effort is the key to unlocking one\'s true potential, CYBERNETYX too believes in enhancing the unearthed skills of its team members with the assistance of trainings and workshops. When a new employee begins his expedition in the company, a two-step induction process is conducted. In the first step, the new joinees are made accustomed to all core ethics and culture of the venture, followed by field visits to understand the usage of products by the customers, which is the second step. All the trainings and workshops organized by the company focus on the 6Cs – Curiosity, Craft, Creativity, Character, Contribution and Culture.

Additional Perks for the Men of Action

Whenever possible, CYBERNETYX organizes international retreats where the entire team is taken to the venue. The annual corporate day is celebrated with a lot of pomp and gaiety where the team comes together for the merriment.

The venture also organizes outdoor parties for the employees along with their families. Keeping the team fit and active at all times is a prime concern for CYBERNETYX and hence, it has the infrastructure for both indoor as well as outdoor sports. CYBERNETYX also organizes trekking events for all its team members.

To allow the light of the heart to engulf oneself, the company provides its employees with a meditation room where they can connect to their inner creativity and enhance it. With all these perquisites, CYBERNETYX foresees itself in the vanguard of the next generation evolution of computer technology in the days to come.

\"Teams at Cybernetyx work highly aligned, but loosely coupled. We have a common goal, but work flexibly and independently. The context of the work provides meaningful tasks. This can only work, when every member is skilled and self-sufficient,\" - Eduard Metzger, Co-Founder & CEO, CYBERNETYX

Experience Real Product Development

\"CYBERNETYX provides an exceptional opportunity to experience real product development and to watch an idea coming to life in the hands of a consumer while solving complex and interesting problems in the diverse fields. Our team always looks for opportunities to work on great ideas, get them \'market-ready\' and make them available to its target group. There is a lot of cross-functional involvement of various teams, including the software, sales, marketing, hardware development, design and 3-D modeling teams and so on,\" - Ramya Chatterjee (Director- Sales & Marketing)

Organization that does not believe in Micro-management of Deliverables

\"Working at CYBERNETYX is amazing. We have an all-star team. Company\'s short-term and long-term goal is clear to every employee. We are completely flat structured organization. We have great perks, insurance, free snacks, casual attire, fun environment, flexible timing and option of working from home. There is no micromanagement of the assignments you are responsible to deliver. That is one of the main reasons to deliver high quality outputs\"– Nandan Dubey, Lead Engineer (Software)

Steep Learning Curve & fast career growth

\"We are a highly skilled & powerful team. Working with the top management gives us a different level of exposure; we start thinking like entrepreneurs. CYBERNETYX provides steep learning curve & fast career growth\" – Anuradha Pradhan (Manager - HR)