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Konstant Infosolutions: Believes in 'Walking the Talk' to Nurture Performance

Kavitha G.
Friday, June 26, 2015
Kavitha G.
Konstant Infosolutions, incorporated in 2003, is an award winning web and mobile app development company which has enabled paperless systems that centralize the business, while embracing the security, quality and cost-effective algorithms. The offshore IT solutions company holds the enviable distinction of reliable brand amongst its customers who cover companies of all sizes for its ambit of services like web application or enterprise apps development, UI/UX design, as well as the development and implementation of world-class e-Business applications.

Success Factors of the Flourishing Eminence

The success factors for the eminence are the cadre of 170 master brains, who strive for 100 percent client satisfaction by ensuring that the quality of work is maintained throughout the entire development process. The genre of the professionals at Konstant focuses more on performance, while the factors like ability to meet deadlines, soft skills and discipline are not overlooked either. The talents are repeatedly assorted, tested and hired based on their potential to suffice the five requisites of 5Cs - competency, capability, commitment, character and culture. Besides, the company also acquires talents, who do not only have relevant experience and communication skills, but also possess the ability to perform in accordance with our quality standards, management style, resources and such other X factors that have lucratively pushed it to the crest of the eminence.

"We don't believe in following others because we can do what we wish for. I always motivate our employees with incentives which are at par with the industry standards and encourage them to give their ideas and be innovative," explains Vipin Jain, CEO, Konstant Infosolutions.

Crowning the True Talents

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