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Date:   Friday , June 26, 2015

Half of the world\'s population today has a mobile subscription. This is up from just one person in five over a decade ago. GSMA Intelligence reports predict an additional one billion subscribers by 2020, taking the global penetration rate to over 60 percent. This will open up avenues of opportunities for the Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) as well.

In this huge ocean of opportunity, Plintron stands tall as the world leader in the MVNE market and has been crowned as the largest cloud based multi-country MVNE. Plintron came into existence in Chennai at an epoch when MVNE was a dare dream here, in 2008. Since then, Mohan Kumar Sundaram and Subhashree (the co-founders) together have knitted themselves well within the industry to understand clients\' predicaments. This is why; every solution offered by Plintron is exclusive in its characteristic and addresses unique pain points of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) spread across 21 countries – a record among the MVNE players.

Plintron also offers a cost arbitrage to its clients because of their home grown components. Talking about further expansion, Mohan, Co-Founder & Chairman, Plintron, says, \"We are catering to increasing customers each day and recently we opened up office in Africa\". To offer services at more competitive price, Plintron is becoming more online and digital in its approach. To become more agile in its trait and operations for good business mix, the company has also ventured into online tools like program management and resource management where employees collaborate with legacy system to increase their productivity and efficiency.

The Epitome of Talent

Bearing the torch of being the Mecca of its realm, Plintron has transformed into a collaborative organization rather than a hierarchical one where employees enjoy immense freedom. Being a product technology company, employees (Plintronians) do not work here on partitioned and isolated component of the overall product/solution as they do in any other large organization. KVN Rao, Professional Services, Plintron excitingly asserts, \"I\'ve been with Plintron for three and half years. It\'s been a wonderful journey with good learning\'s and I foresee tremendous amount of opportunities to learn. Out of my 18 years of total experience, I am still learning a lot and this is the place helping me to learn. What motivates me is the company having clear vision on growth path, staying with the company will obviously help me as an individual to grow. Compared to other telecom companies, Plintron allows you to work with Engineering and the product development team so that we get to know how the product works from the scratch. I am extremely happy to work along with industry thought leaders who are good mentors as well\". In addition, the company empowers Plintronians to take decisions to meet customers\' business needs, which is a huge transformation and will make the organization more powerful. This provides huge satisfaction to Plintronians as they become the \'Kings of the Business/Delivery\'.

On the other hand, fresh minds and talents are always welcomed at Plintron. With major focus on off-campus hiring, the company looks for both aptitude and attitude during selection. The company is currently hunting for engineering graduates of any discipline who will be taken for on- job training programs for three years. Being a product company, Plintron\'s training courses are not available outside the market; hence, the company itself offers them while on the job. These rigorous trainings apparently make them productive from second or third year and a fully grown professional in their domain in the fourth year. A fresh talent at Plintron says, \"It\'s been a very good experience working with Plintron for the last 8 Months, being my very first job I have learnt a lot about technology. I have a helping and knowledgeable boss who grooms me day in and day out and a very good team to work along who helps fellow colleagues in tough times. More importantly, I have direct access to the senior management at any point in time, which is not possible in any other companies. I feel proud to work for Plintron\".

With six months of notice, Plintronians can move from one unit to another with different practices to enrich themselves in different skills apart from their domain. Mohan adds, \"This achievement clearly shows our continued focus on actively engaging our employees to deliver the best of their ability. We believe the foundation to a great workplace is trust and care for employees. Our young and energetic talents are always engaged in new learning\'s and are exposed to different business verticals/units in different countries or territories on a periodical basis, enabling them to learn new technology in the telecom space\".

Creating Highly Wanted Professionals

Today, the company has unique business models where it is able to provide complete solution indigenously within its centers and offer on a cloud platform globally; thus taking the Indian offshoring and cloud model for CAPEX-less offering to its customers at a different level altogether. Ensuring that Plintronians always work on different components of the cloud communication platform keeps them parallel to the cutting-edge technology.

The depth of technology and industry experience that the employees get here makes them much more knowledgeable and highly wanted professionals of the industry whilst getting high exposure and all round play gives them much more attractive offerings in the market. India has just entered 4G while the world has already moved beyond this in the telecom space. This places huge opportunity for India to grow in the domain while employees in the field, especially Plintronians have unexplored potential to grow profoundly.

Jack is No More a Dull Boy

Work at Plintron is always complemented with lots of play, hence Jack here is no more a dull boy. Embedding huge scope of sports initiatives open up avenues of recreation for Plintronians. Cricket being the favorite, Plintronians rejuvenate themselves in the table tennis court too. The weekends become glorious with the 3Ds – drink, dine & dance; especially when Mohan accompanies the team. Such frivolous qualities of the organization helps Plintronians be imbue and tactful.

On the flip side, employees who go above and beyond the call of duty and make huge difference in the business each day are awarded with spotlight award, which is more of a recommendation rather than stringent quality process. Plintron will soon see new initiatives like creating a sports facility within the office premise and brining more vending machines so that employees can get their own snacks and refreshments at times. Altogether, the company has triggered over 25 such wondrous initiatives to keep its employees highly energetic and on their innovation toes. This will help the company emerge as a leader in the initiatives of awarding field as well.

With a strong HR system in place, Plintron is more towards annual appraisals conducted in two shifts. The company will soon be launching additional incentive programs as a part of its delegation or collaboration of organization\'s initiatives. Subhashree says, \"Being listed on the \'Best places to work for\' is a testament to our strong work culture and a manifestation of the passion and commitment that our employees bring to work every day. At Plintron, we strive to build a workplace that fosters Learning, Growth, Thinking and Innovation. What makes Plintron a Best Place to Work is we always put our people first. Since the past eight years, Plintron has lived its core value & belief that Plintron is \'People\' and will continue to do so\".

This is what has held half of the initial joinees who hold strong leadership positions and are sculpting the fresh entrants with their powerhouse of experience. Prakash Kumar Senapati, PDC - NSS, adds, \"I am with Plintron since its inception, I was the 14th employee in the organization. Seeing your company grow to a level of about 1000 employees is an awesome feeling. I personally feel that this is a good company for fresher\'s to join and learn. The kind of growth the company has seen is outstanding – started from a business centre now we have occupied close to 65000 sq. feet work place – I feel proud to work for the largest MVNE Company\".

Plintron plans to soon expand to 40 countries (a major expansion underneath) including Africa, APAC and Latin America. Employees will enjoy the flexibility to work both in India and abroad. The team also looks forward to the Modi-led government to announce the MVNO license in India. This will enable the home grown Plintron to use its technology for Indian population in bringing quality at low cost. Hence, be able to give back to the society in the way of local employment and thus, the brain gain.

Key Management:

Mohan Kumar Sundaram, Co-Founder & Chairman

Mohan is an entrepreneur and a thought leader in Virtual Networks and Network Sharing for Wireless Mobile industry. In his leadership role, he is responsible for enabling business with products/services for additional revenues also optimizing cost by network sharing and offshoring. His expertise is to bring the business focus in the technology and service delivery. He has a wide spread international business exposure and is experienced working with various countries\' regulators and network service providers in formulating the full mobile virtual network operator model and network sharing commercialization.

Mohan has the experience of heading global businesses and held leadership position in telecom, financial services and IT Services industry. He currently is engaged in building 1000+ strong technology team to offer the most cutting-edge MVNE solutions.


  • 2008 MVNE Service launched in UK and Switzerland

  • 2009 Launched 3G Services
    MVNE Service launched in Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Italy

  • 2010 MVNE Service launched in Denmark, Norway, Australia and Spain

  • 2011 Signs MoU with LycaMobile for global roll-outs for MVNA
    MVNE Service launched in France, Germany and Ireland

  • 2012 Plintron Awarded \'Best IT/ITES\' Company at the D&B Axis Bank Gaurav Summit
    MVNE Service launched in Portugal

  • 2013 Plintron listed in TOP 50 emerge growth companies in India by NASSCOM
    Entry into U.S. and Austria

  • 2014 4G network service live in UK and Switzerland

  • 2015 MVNE Service launched in Hong Kong and Romania