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Iksula: Relishing a Young, Family & Recognition Oriented Work Culture

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, June 26, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Born in 2007 in Mumbai with a workforce of four people, Iksula has today grown into a 650 people strong organization, spread across Mumbai, New York and Singapore. The niche digital commerce company aiding customers with online marketing, technology infrastructure building and KPO services, dwells in a young, family and recognition-oriented work culture. Numerous employees in managerial position today started their corporate journey with Iksula. Every Iksuliteis valued and made aware of the impact of their good work has on the organization, industry and society.

Supportive Environment Promising a Challenging & Rewarding Career

Iksula's five core values - open, transparent, valuing long-term relationships and being fair and ethical in work - are reinforced at all employee engagement, induction and recruitment forums. Expectations are precisely conveyed before recruiting and proper environment& mentorship are provided to fulfil the expectations of Iksula and Iksulites. The company's positive work environment, the promises of a challenging & rewarding career and transparency on company's future keeps the attrition monster at bay.

"Iksula shaped my future to the fullest extent that I could have ever imagined. While I was given the fullest freedom to bring in my expertise of the online marketing realm and personal experience to the team, I myself learnt a lot about management, client servicing and strategies under the directors themselves. The work culture and the structured approach that I was exposed to, is something that I would be carrying for life." says Arun Ashokumar - who is currently working at Iksula as an Account Director

Well-Defined HR Policies

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