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Insight Business Machines: Devising the Nervous System of Technology

Poulomi Mukherjee
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
The idea to success is molding oneself according to the situation while carving one's own path. Neel Shah and Piyush Vibhakar - the co-founders of Insight Business Machines Pvt. Ltd. and college buddies - have done the same since the day they decided to venture the market with a company of their own. Insight - a 1992 incepted company - started off as a facilities management service provider like annual maintenance contract, repairing and restoration moving to box-trading, manufacturing PCs & server-based devices and then, finally, decided to endeavor the services & networking business along with services like facilities management and deployment. With years of experience, the company provides infrastructure services while operating on a partnership basis with OEMs like IBM, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, APC, Emerson, Extreme Networks, Molex, Systimax, Symantec, Lenovo and several others for desktop, servers, storage and networking.

Insight oversees the complete design, define and deployment of infrastructure which includes networking, computer & storage, security and unified communications. With wide spectrum of service portfolio, the company also offers virtualization, consolidation & software defined infrastructure catering customer requirements right from the design stage. Furthermore, Insight also serves 'On Demand' and 'On the Fly' solutions that use the cutting edge technologies of the era like mobility and cloud. "Committed to maximize customer satisfaction by providing industry standard solutions, we hereby follow the process which is based on systematic approach in all our business operations enhancing overall business productivity and profitability," says Neel Shah, Co-Founder & Chairman, Insight Business Machines Pvt. Ltd.

Amongst a horde of infrastructure service providers, Insight's forte is that it is divided into 18 blocks acting as Business Units (BU) with individual Technology Consulting Teams (TCT) that comprises of pre-sell, delivery and commercial teams of deft& experienced personnel who coordinate with the partnered industry leaders to design the required customer infrastructure. Additionally, a strong HR team manages the entire squad in 15 locations pan India and keeps them motivated through various CSR activities, appreciation & awards based on their past performance and delivery.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Insight envisions scaling up to provide complete customer infrastructure service by building and operating the entire infrastructure. Further, the company also foresees building an inside cloud platform of its own so as to offer cloud-based services to the clients. Insight is also planning to venture and revolutionize the device services wherein the devices it offers will be charged on a monthly basis instead of as a product.


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