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FSC's Science of Supply Chain Delivers Service Excellence

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, October 10, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Future Supply Chains was formed in April 2007 and was co-founded by Anshuman Singh, Managing Director & CEO, along with Future Group. Subsequently in 2009, Fung Capital (private equity arm of Li & Fung) also invested in the company. The sole objective was to bring modernity and creating modern supply chains with Global technologies, Systems, Processes, Infrastructure, Know-how and expertise, and its effective application in the Indian context.

The company offers cutting-edge and contemporary supply chain management practices in India through implementation of global best practices, indigenised and Indianized for Indian conditions. While FSC's systems & processes ensure highest levels of accuracy, productivity and visibility in operations, their in-house design capabilities optimize the handling & movement of goods. The company leverages their talented pool of supply chain professionals in IT, projects & network design, solutions design, procurement, operations and human resources to deliver service excellence.

Complexity of supply chain managed

FSC manages supply chains across industries like Food & FMCG, Fashion & Lifestyle, Electronics & Hi-tech, General Merchandise, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, and Home Fashion & Furniture; where the nature, requirements and operational complexities are unique. FSC services these large corporate industries through the following 3PL services:


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