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Indium Software: Ensuring Quality While Minimizing the Risk of Failure

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
Knowingly or unknowingly, software touches all aspects of our lives. While it makes our lives simple, the intricacies attached to it become complex if not tested accurately, leading to major losses. Well aware of the brass tacks, the 1999 founded Indium understands the market scenario where rising competition has triggered a state where everything has to be delivered without ado. 'Faster Time to Market' is one of the most pertinent components in the customers' matrix. "The intricacy mounts even more as we live in an era where software needs to be used across various devices, browsers and platforms. To cope up with emergent complexities, we use agile development methodologies which has helped us reduce our testing cycles by around 30 percent. We have also been aggressively pursuing the Social, Mobile & Cloud agenda to position strongly for the emerging paradigms and offer niche testing services for related applications and enhancements," adds Balaji V Thesma, CEO, Indium Software (India) Limited.

Over the years, Indium Software Inc. has evolved as a one-stop QA & Testing shop for its customers incessantly striving to reduce the risk of software application/product failure. "Unlike other players in the market who offer testing as one of the service from their set of offerings, we are a pure play multi-domain software testing services organization," says Ramesh Krishnamurthy, CTO, Indium Software (India) Limited.

The Testing Excellence

Though companies have mastered the art of software development, many fail to ensure their perfection as they ignore or have trouble understanding the testing part of it. Indium follows a structured process of getting into the shoes of customers, and understanding their roadblock rather than jumping into it and coming out with hit or miss solutions. With due diligence, it gathers information from the customers' base, get hold of the routes of the problem and then addresses the same in innovative ways.

Based on these parameters, this 15-year old company developed iSAFE (Indium Software Automation Framework Enhanced) framework. The platform independent framework supports any type of test automation framework like - Data driven, Keyword driven, Modular, Hybrid and others. iSAFE enables benefits such as use of test data file to provide the test scripts at runtime, thereby avoiding the user to get into the scripts to modify anything with respect to data. It supports custom html and Excel based reports as per the need and helps enterprises know step-by-step status on the reports whether a particular test step is a pass or a fail through e-mails and SMS's.The framework also captures exceptions through screenshots for a later analysis.Indium has also developed other innovative frameworks such as iFACT, iMobi, iScoute amongst others to support specialized testing.

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