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Cybage: The Perfectionist OPD Helping Clients Scale With Security

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Globalization, increasing competition, and the need for reducing time-to-market have driven many global ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to engage in an outsourcing relationship. While the trend may have started off as a cost-saving business proposition, over time, outsourcing has become a strategic business decision. Attributes such as delivery excellence, quality, speed, consistency, responsiveness, lowered risks, scalability, and value-add are sought after by clients. Amid a plethora of Outsourced Product Development (OPD) providers, Cybage - a leader in OPD and an IT Services company -comprehensively optimizes these attributes and implements them efficiently. This is achieved through its scientific, data-driven business management software system called The ExcelShore - Model of Operational Excellence. This unique model de-risks the business approach, provides better predictability and ensures a better value per unit cost to their clients.

Cybage has a solid expertise, built over 19 years, in the form of a robust delivery model that mitigates risks associated with third-party outsourcing and provides a suitable alternative for companies over other outsourcing providers. As a result, Cybage has emerged as a one-stop solution provider for its global clients. Its focused verticals; eight well-defined, technology-focused Centers of Excellence (CoEs); and technology groups provide the most appropriate and reliable solutions. The Technology Group takes care of harvesting knowledge, building capability, and helping clients in technical areas, while the CoEs orchestrate cutting-edge technology solutions, capitalizing on the large enterprise systems to address the business problems at the core of a new-age business enterprise.

"We have strong, established industry verticals with rich domain experience. These verticals have dedicated business analysts and solutions architects. The business understanding of the verticals and the technical strength of the CoEs complement each other, adding value to the projects and the client relationship," says Arun Nathani, CEO, Cybage.

Today, Cybage is a frontrunner in the OPD space and cherishes its long-term relationships with key clients such as Google, Microsoft, and Symantec, supporting them in their product engineering endeavors. Cybage's service portfolio is an amalgamation of a complete lifecycle of software and application development, quality assurance and other peripheral services. Cybage is also a preferred technology partner to Fortune 500 companies.

Cybage also provides Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and its approach towards ALM ensures that various aspects of the service such as traceability, quality, visibility and collaboration are managed through the usage of tools and frameworks. Cybage's vast experience in OPD enables them to better understand their clients'needs and improve the quality of deliverables.

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