FSC's Science of Supply Chain Delivers Service Excellence

Date:   Friday , October 10, 2014

Future Supply Chains was formed in April 2007 and was co-founded by Anshuman Singh, Managing Director & CEO, along with Future Group. Subsequently in 2009, Fung Capital (private equity arm of Li & Fung) also invested in the company. The sole objective was to bring modernity and creating modern supply chains with Global technologies, Systems, Processes, Infrastructure, Know-how and expertise, and its effective application in the Indian context.

The company offers cutting-edge and contemporary supply chain management practices in India through implementation of global best practices, indigenised and Indianized for Indian conditions. While FSC\'s systems & processes ensure highest levels of accuracy, productivity and visibility in operations, their in-house design capabilities optimize the handling & movement of goods. The company leverages their talented pool of supply chain professionals in IT, projects & network design, solutions design, procurement, operations and human resources to deliver service excellence.

Complexity of supply chain managed

FSC manages supply chains across industries like Food & FMCG, Fashion & Lifestyle, Electronics & Hi-tech, General Merchandise, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, and Home Fashion & Furniture; where the nature, requirements and operational complexities are unique. FSC services these large corporate industries through the following 3PL services:


The solutions design team studies customer\'s supply chain processes and applies the science of supply chain management to re-engineer, build & implement customized solutions in collaboration with the customer. Leading edge tools like CAPS and FSC\'s own proprietary tools like SIX SENSE and MARS are used for achieving a business objective of the customer. Some of the services provided are-

1. Assess business needs and define supply chain optimization opportunities
2. Distribution & Transportation network analysis and design
3. Distribution Centre Facility design and layout, includes evaluation of infrastructure, mechanization & technology needs, labor management, operational analysis and improvement
4. Manage shift to a larger modern warehouse with parallel running of operations and in the least possible time.


FSC Contract Logistics provides integrated, state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution services.

1. GST ready warehousing footprint across all high growth consumption clusters in India
2. Large, Multi-user, Build-To-Suit and Scalable facilities with an eaves height of 8m to 12m
3. Deploying best global practices in Infrastructure
4. Extremely high throughput handling capabilities with integration of multiple best-in-class Technology & Automation like RF enabled Warehouse Management System, Put-to-Light Sortation System integrated with Conveyor Systems, Auto Weigh Check and Auto Print & Apply Systems
5. Robust Distribution and Last Mile Fulfillment Network, providing end-to-end solutions


FSC Express Logistics provides integrated time - definite movement services through Surface, Air and Rail. FSC Reach Logistics provides Intermediate and Last Mile surface movement services.
Pan India time-definite movement services

1. Expertise in Network modeling and design, Route planning and optimization, Load optimization and Vehicle re-engineering
2. Dedicated Fleet of containerized vehicles for safe, secure and all-weather movement
3. GPS enabled vehicles integrated with Vehicle Tracking (VTS) portal to provide Real Time Online consignment visibility.
4. Transport Management System (TMS) portal for customers, which enables shipment level visibility of transactions from Pick-up to Delivery and Billing.
5. Use of Pallets, Material Handling Equipments and Packaging solutions to prevent damages and shrinkages


Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance services, provided through a network of select agents and strong relationships with Shipping Lines and CFS.


A customized service offering for all medium and small companies who sell their products through E-Commerce portals. Services include technology- enabled shared warehousing space, inventory management and pick - up and delivery services. Being shared facilities, sellers get an advantage of best-in-class infrastructure, technology, automation and system capabilities at a lower cost.


A unique offering, designed to handle all the requirements of after sales market and to meet customers\' SLAs, through a network of warehouses, hubs and branches which cover every corner of India. Best of breed technology platforms being used provide accuracy, speed and visibility inventory at every stage, in real time.


VAS or Value Added Services include Kitting, Bundling & Promo packing and Reverse Logistics.


FSC provides the best in class Infra facilities for Frozen, Chilled and Ambient environment customized as per customer\'s requirements, including reefer transportation.



Headquartered in Mumbai, FSC has a pan India presence through its technology enabled warehouses, Hubs and Branches.


Anshuman Singh, Co-Founder, MD & CEO

Anshuman Singh has successfully created India\'s first fully integrated and automated supply chain services provider. Being responsible for successful executions of major innovations, he has been the recipient of several awards including \'Leadership Award for Industrial Development\', \'Exemplary Leader of the Year\', \'Retail Icon of the Year\' and \'Retail Leadership Award\' to name a few by various leading industry bodies.