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Iksula: Delivering the Best Quality by Stepping into Client's Shoes

Susila Govindaraj
Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Modern retail and internet saw the dawn in India at the same time, whereas the Western world had been leveraging the benefit of modern retail long before internet came into existence. This new dawn has given rise to huge opportunities in internet commerce, since it is seizing a very large market share of the retail commerce revolution in India. Whilst large services companies offers digital commerce as one of their services, Iksula is uniquely positioned as a services company whose DNA is completely oriented around serving digital commerce retailers, brands, pure play internet retailers and all companies communicating with consumers directly via digital. This DNA is so imbibed in each of the Iksulites that even a PHP code developer understands his role in making a difference to the end customer.

The Cherry on the Cake
Unlike other service companies run by entrepreneurs that have experience in providing solutions, the management at Iksula has a strong background in e-Commerce, the entire management team are professionals from eBay and FutureBazaar. This background enables them to get into the customer's shoes easily by understanding their long standing dilemmas as their own. This helps Iksula provide innovative solutions that impact clients' revenue in a short span of time.

Iksula's strong business orientation is manifested in all their services. The company radically increases client's sale by acquiring, nurturing and retaining customers in digital media through Google Ads, paid ads and social media management. With their infrastructure service, Iksula builds the entire technology for running an e-Commerce system including shopping cart, order management systems, CRM and other performance management tools. Iksula manages merchandising & marketing operations with knowledge process outsourcing services for huge clients in U.S, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and India which includes content creation, content management and production management.

Innovative Projects
Iksula has launched numerous innovative projects like BigBazaarDirect, where a tablet is provided to local shops and the received orders are centrally shipped by Big Bazaar. Iksula also solved the touch and feel challenge with E-Dabba, where they devised an application that allowed individuals try jewellery on themselves by sitting in front of a laptop.
Currently the company is engaged in developing a unique solution called INCOM, a 360�e-retail solution that helps all brands to manage their e-Commerce channel. While the brands supply merchandise, Iksula manages and facilitates their digital channels in terms of providing warehouses, photo shoots, marketing, technology and customer services.

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