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December - 2006 issue
Enterprise systems is a strategic product area for Dell,” heralded Kevin Rollins, chief executive ... more>>
Sure you’d like your employees to drop a few pounds. It’s no secret that an overweight work forc... more>>
November - 2006 issue
Exchange is to Financial Technologies, what Search is to Google–Platform for Mass Disruptive Innov... more>>
I believe that a balanced life and family are important for any successful person. Balanced life com... more>>
October - 2006 issue
Numero Uno Testing Pros
Vidya Balakrishnan
Sashi Reddi’s look is unfazed of the professional listeners. His face contains a boyish grin as he... more>>
Hatching for Success
Aritra Bhattacharya
Vishal Gupta’s time in IIT-Bombay was coming to an end, almost. He was sad, but heck, his life was... more>>
September - 2006 issue
Nowhere to go but UP
Pradeep Shankar
Last month, Microchip Technology’s Chairman, CEO & President Steve Sanghi began his company’s an... more>>
Last April—May I visited our design centers, customers and partners in Japan, India and Europe. I ... more>>
August - 2006 issue
India Calling
Keerthana Venkatesh and Sanjeev Jain
With most technology companies off shoring their major operations to India, there is an increasin... more>>
Hybridizing The Future
Keerthana Venkatesh
"LET’S DROP THE CONTRACT if they tell you something different from what we’ve said.” This is w... more>>
July - 2006 issue
Hold On, Let Me Click
Vaishali Kirpekar
With an eye on the cell phone camera market, Nethra-Imaging has designed a tiny chip to keep came... more>>
Charmed by the potential of wireless, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently made an announcement at t... more>>
June - 2006 issue
When Zain Jeewanjee speaks on how to sell insurance on the Internet, people listen. The founder and ... more>>
It was just about a year ago that I had talked about the emergence of Web 2.0—which I had referred... more>>
May - 2006 issue
In early 1981 Navneet S. Chugh, came to the U.S. with his sick mother for her bladder treatment. Chu... more>>
For the man who invented the fundamental Internet acceleration technology that more than 75 percent ... more>>
April - 2006 issue
To say Dr. Sudhir Parikh has the healing touch would be only part of the story. This New Jersey-base... more>>
Oracle chief Larry Ellison loves acquisitions. But not for the reason you think. Sure, he is a terri... more>>
March - 2006 issue
Walking briskly down the aisles of the state-of-the-art Global Command Center at Chennai, India, R R... more>>
Networking and business groups worldwide are rapidly adopting the convergence of voice, data and vid... more>>
February - 2006 issue
Ruling the Flash World
Pradeep Shankar
SanDisk’s founder, President and CEO Dr. Eli Harari, is gung-ho about what lies ahead for the flas... more>>
A new call to VCs
Sanjeev Jain
The most daunting task for an IT entrepreneur is not just to sell his product but also to raise capi... more>>
January - 2006 issue
Lancesoft: Conforming to Change
Ashwini Kachapeswaran
For an entrepreneur to go after an idea; form a business plan; build a team and to establish an orga... more>>
The siliconindia Top 10 Innovators has been compiled by a panel of experts and Senior IT professiona... more>>