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October-2006  issue
Cover Story
Author: Vidya Balakrishnan
Sashi Reddi’s look is unfazed of the professional listeners. His face contains a boyish grin as he walks to the podium and poses in front of the camera and media in a Mumbai press conference. Shuffling through some last minute papers,... more>>
Cover Feature
Aritra Bhattacharya
Vishal Gupta’s time in IIT-Bombay was coming to an end, almost. He was sad, but heck, his life was already stuff that most... more>>
Harish Revanna
My connection with Gandhian principles didn’t come from the pages of my school textbook. It was preached and followed by my... more>>
My Toughest Challenge
Subhash Menon
The year was 2001 and we were faced with one of the toughest challenges ever. A challenge that threatened to wipe us out from... more>>
Made in India
Sanjeev Jain
Naresh Chand Gupta, the managing director of Adobe India is ecstatic about PageMaker Version 7.0. It’s because he led the... more>>
Sridhar Jayanthi
Breaking from the past where I have focused on all IT professionals, this one specifically addresses the managers in a high... more>>
Navneet S. Chugh & Olesia Boulaev
The sleeping elephant has woken up. Or is it another Asian tiger. Call it what you may, but the truth is that India is on the... more>>
Sohini Bagchi
Hackers are moving beyond the corporate wireline networks. They are looking for fresh victims in the wireless sphere as well.... more>>
Executive of The Month
Aritra Bhattacharya
Sherlock Holmes has a new address. In his latest avatar as Manish Sinha, the master of disguise, has taken up residence in... more>>
In My Opinion
Arun Jain
That a company can save 30 percent to 50 percent on software development and maintenance costs by outsourcing to India is a... more>>
People Tracker
si Team
Qwest Communications appoints Girish Varma as Vice President and CIO Qwest Communications International Inc. appointed Girish... more>>
Tricks of a Good Manager
Aritra Bhattacharya
Taking a dig is probably our favorite pastime. It’s a malaise that affects even the upper echelons of the corporate world.... more>>
Woman Achiever
Keerthana Venkatesh
To grow an organization that has charm, vitality, energy, and belonging,” was Chitra’s concern when she was deputed to head... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
With a new investment of $12 million in the second round of fund raising, AllianceBernstein Holdings has added Exeros Software... more>>
si Team
Air2Web, a provider of mobile messaging and marketing applications has raised $25 million in a new round of investment led by... more>>
Harry C.D.
The trend among techies today drifts between brand name, stability and money. They understand security without realizing... more>>
In Focus
si Team
The Indian software industry has a reason to smile. According to a joint study by International Data Corporation (IDC) and... more>>
si Team
Internet growth in India is often a mixed bag of achievements and failures. At one hand there is an increasing number of people... more>>
si Team
Two Indian-Americans have appeared in the Forbes 400 richest Americans list. They are Kavitark Ram Shriram, the first investor... more>>
Editor's Desk
Pradeep Shankar
Sashi Reddi, like several other Indian entrepreneurs, is steering his company—Applabs Technologies—towards global... more>>
Last Word
Chinnikrishnan Kommi
Just as members of an orchestra must play in harmony for their performance to succeed, all departments of an organization must... more>>