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February-2006  issue
On The Cover
Author: Pradeep Shankar
SanDisk’s founder, President and CEO Dr. Eli Harari, is gung-ho about what lies ahead for the flash memory market. He’s walking around the Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas oozing pride. He is quick in showing SanDisk’s mini SD... more>>
Cover Feature
Sanjeev Jain
The most daunting task for an IT entrepreneur is not just to sell his product but also to raise capital to fund expansion plans... more>>
Amrit Williams
Increasing security breaches, regulatory compliance, targeted attacks driven by financial motivation and an increasing... more>>
Vaishali Kirpekar
Seema Handu, Indu Navar Bingham and Himanshu Bhatia – like any other working mother are as comfortable with challenging... more>>
Khalid Kark
It is remarkable that a decade ago most businesses did not feel the need to have information security policies, as they did not... more>>
In My Opinion
Vivek Paul
During my days at GE, I led workforces in Japan, France and in the U.S. but having spent the last six years taking the Indian... more>>
Harish Revanna
Bhaskar in Sanskrit means ‘The Sun.” But for Bhaskar Pramanik, Sun has always been a visionary company that has kept... more>>
People Tracker
si Team
Unisys India appoints Mukul Agrawal as Country Manager The over 1500 strong Unisys India, an information technology services... more>>
si 20 Company Performance
si Team
Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP), a provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, hit company record levels... more>>
si Team
For 13 years, Sasken Communication Technologies has been synonymous with the telecom R&D outsourcing in India. The consolidated... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
Bay Area Venture Capital firm Sierra Ventures has added another company to its portfolio- Razorsight Corporation. Based in... more>>
si Team
Photo recognition startup Riya Inc. a developer of technology that can search through digital photos has clicked $15 million in... more>>
Sridhar Jayanthi
Whenever I hear employees call their manager “Sir” or “Madam” or see the employee being subservient while addressing... more>>
Sharad Sharma
The mid 90s in India was about IT services. From 2000 onwards it was about BPOs. The next wave is about IT and telecom... more>>
L. Gopalakrishnan
Tech Ladder in India – is it real or unreal? Most people in India think that the tech ladder does not exist here. On the... more>>
Priya Pradeep
Is playing golf a feeler to others that you have entered the corporate elite? “No!” is the emphatic answer from Muthu... more>>
In Focus
si Team
More managers and engineers and fewer programmers are reflected in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ year-end employment... more>>
si Team
A new survey of chief information officers (CIOs) by Gartner Inc. found that using IT to make improvements to a company’s... more>>
Editor's Desk
Pradeep Shankar
It is heartening for all of us at siliconindia to note that SanDisk has ascended to the No. 1 position on the si20 Tech Index,... more>>
Last Word
Bob Bailey
My father’s words still ring in my ears, “Always leave a company in a better position than it was when you got into it.”... more>>