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May-2006  issue
Cover Story
Author: Robin Joseph Mathews
For the man who invented the fundamental Internet acceleration technology that more than 75 percent of users traverse each day, competing and winning against the Silicon Valley’s giants is a way of life. Michel Susai, the founder... more>>
Robin Joseph Mathews
For the man who invented the fundamental Internet acceleration technology that more than 75 percent of users traverse each day,... more>>
Sanjeev Jain
In early 1981 Navneet S. Chugh, came to the U.S. with his sick mother for her bladder treatment. Chugh, since his young days... more>>
P.K. Gupta
Information continues to grow 60- 80 percent around the world based on industry you are in. In 2005, the industry shipped 380... more>>
Brad O'Neill
The past 3 years have seen rapid and significant shifts in how storage solutions approach capacity management. New archiving... more>>
S.R. Prasana Kumhar
Serial Technology is here to stay! The staying power of this technology is amply demonstrated by the success of SATA drives and... more>>
Sanjeev Jain
Data can be a painful chapter in any company’s textbook especially when it comes to storing it. Tons of data are generated... more>>
Sharad Sharma
The relationship between product management and product engineering is a complex one. At times there is some healthy tension... more>>
Sanjeev Jain
A little more than a year ago, David Achim, the Executive Vice President of operations at Austin, TX based Rome Corporation,... more>>
In My Opinion
Jim O'Neill
In 2001 we called for the world to ‘Build Better Global Economic BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China).’ In doing so, we... more>>
Harish Revanna
At Adaptec, a twenty-five year old storage company (NASD: ADPT, market cap $ 648.86 million), there is burning desire to bring... more>>
si 20 Company Performance
si Team
Portal Player PortalPlayer, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company that is into the design, development, and marketing of... more>>
People Tracker
Priya Pradeep
Bobby Soni is Chief Strategy Officer and Ex. VP, Webify Solutions “The company where I was one of the founders was... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
Imagine owning thousands of photos and spending hours to download, upload, tag, and categorize. How about having a service that... more>>
si Team
Looking at the technology offered by Bluespec Inc., Atlas Venture and North Bridge Venture Partners have invested $4.5 million... more>>
In Focus
si Team
The global hotel industry is enjoying a growth phase and showing signs of strong performance recovery - according to a new... more>>
si Team
A study undertaken by the European Commission on the ‘spam (unsolicited commercial email) phenomenon’ estimates that... more>>
si Team
India’s rich are richer than China’s and have much higher net worth, Forbes magazine said in 2006. The collective net worth... more>>
si Team
In a major initiative towards making Pune the ‘world’s first wire-free city’ by 2007, the Pune Municipal Corporation... more>>
si Team
Of course, foreigners have always been part of the Indian outsourcing scene. But until recently, they were mostly highly paid... more>>
si Team
According to IDC, the total number of laptops sold in India in Q3 2005 was 1,54,000 units as against 56,000 units in Q3 2004,... more>>
si Team
Bangalore the bustling Silicon balloon of India bursted and hung low for about 34 hours following the passing away of... more>>
Editor's Desk
Pradeep Shankar
India’s Sensex is going through an all-time-high. Estimates say that the country is currently the most expensive stock market... more>>
Last Word
Azim H. Premji
First, we need to appreciate that all success creates its own “gravity”. It is easy to believe that what has succeeded so... more>>