Where there is a will, there is a way, they say and Jyoti Prasad Bhatt, Founder and CEO of ImpactQA, has proved it ye ...more>>
BENGALURU: The competitive millenials of the 21st century are constantly on the run for newer and better things. Ever ...more>>
BENGALURU: Ranked as one of the world’s fastest growing startup ecosystem, India has a tremendous potential for... more>>
Tuesday, 02 February 2016, 21:45 Hrs
BENGALURU: The world is shifting to a place where trillions of devices are connected to the internet and can communic... more>>
Wednesday, 03 February 2016, 21:37 Hrs
BENGALURU: The economical success of any startup does not alone build thei... more>>
Tuesday, 09 February 2016, 03:58 Hrs
NEW DELHI: Online restaurant guide and food ordering app Zomato has become... more>>
Tuesday, 09 February 2016, 02:35 Hrs
BENGALURU: Leading industrialist and Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons&r... more>>
Monday, 08 February 2016, 22:50 Hrs
India has a population of well over a billion, and with so much early focus
on tech careers quickly prompting the nat... more>>
Sunday, 07 February 2016, 20:50 Hrs
BENGALURU: Creating a balance between social and professional life,
women in our society are expected to be all-... more>>
Thursday, 04 February 2016, 21:36 Hrs
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