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March-2010  issue
Cover Story
Author: Vimali Swamy & Jaya Smitha Menon
Sajan Pillai’s office is bustling with activity. As the CEO of UST Global, one of the prominent IT services firms, his agenda and vision today are one and the same. He wants to break the siege of the IT industry by the giants and make... more>>
In My Opinion
Saurabh Srivastava
What an amazing journey my life has been. And it doesn’t stop. Even today I feel I am just starting out because there is... more>>
Top 10 Most Promising IT Services Companies
si Team
2009 - The trying times of recession, took a great toll on the global IT services industry. The doomed BFSI sector, touted the... more>>
Ojas Sharma
One of the prime clients of Pyramid Consulting wanted services specializing in mobile testing, and they planned to buy mobile... more>>
Eureka Bharali
Why many of the hi-tech gadgets fail to make a mark? Except a few, all hoard multiple computing features within the small... more>>
CEO Spotlight
Anush Ramachandran
Due to the recession of the last two years, most IT companies have seen significant revenue decreases. Smaller outfits have... more>>
Sridhar Subramanian
Power management has become an important criteria and every semi conductor vendor is on the scout for new techniques to achieve... more>>
Radhika Subramanium
Against the backdrop of snowy Atlanta the meetings rumbled on, and the compulsion to fit in the schedule as per the weather... more>>
CIO Profile
Vimali Swamy
'Value to customer' is the mantra Ajay Waghray swears by everyday in his work. And why not, as the CIO of Verizon Wireless, his... more>>
Mukund Balasubramanian
Enterprise 2.0 (E 2.0), as it stands today, is the most sought after buzzword. Experts have begun evangelizing it as the... more>>
Nitin Joglekar & Jonathan Hibbard
Many observers have identified clean technologies as being among the key drivers of market growth in the coming decade.... more>>
Pardeep Kohli
Wireless companies, have often tapped into resources in India to leverage talent found in the country’s growing wireless... more>>
Marc Hebert
As the new decade dawns, it’s a good time to take stock of a fascinating milestone in enterprise applications. ERP just... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
Vivox, a provider of voice chat services for online games and virtual worlds, has received $6.8 million in series C round of... more>>
si Team
The Amir Mobini led U.S. semiconductor company Zenverge is charged to enable a true 'anywhere, anytime, any device' experience... more>>
VC talk
Manoj Gupta
As I stand in the middle of a farmland somewhere in Baramati with a farmer who owns more than 40 acres of land there and see... more>>
Vimali Swamy
A year after the recession, As the Indian IT industry steps into the fourth quarter of its operations, the question remains -... more>>
Rakesh Verma
Small businesses and innovative startup ventures have made significant contribution in building and growing American wealth.... more>>
Mark Settle
Can you imagine saving more than five million dollars by reusing servers and dramatically reducing lead times for asset... more>>
In Focus
si Team
After depending on foreign satellites for a long time, ISRO plans to launch its own satellite by 2011, which will carry a large... more>>
si Team
With a stockpile of applications pending in the country for examination, the government has decided to recruit more examiners... more>>
si Team
India companies have once again started to splurge this year, with the domestic firms announcing merger and acquisition deals... more>>
si Team
Despite the tough economy, one in three IT professionals in India believe that companies should take bigger risks with business... more>>
si Team
Taking innovation to the new level, Gyanesh Pandey, CEO and Co-founder of Husk Power Systems and Manoj Sinha, a Darden... more>>
Editor's Desk
Christo Jacob
“IT is not going to be a differentiator in business anymore, as more and more organizations have established their IT... more>>