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March - 2010 - issue > Top 10 Most Promising IT Services Companies
Siliconindia Top 10 Most Promising IT Services Companies
si Team
Sunday, March 7, 2010
2009 - The trying times of recession, took a great toll on the global IT services industry. The doomed BFSI sector, touted the biggest IT spenders and the continuous slogans against outsourcing, stood to be the biggest roadblocks for the thriving services market. However, 2010 is witnessing a turn-around. Gartner has predicted a double digit growth for the IT services industry in destinations like India, which is expected to touch $12.8 billion by 2013. The industry is transforming due to the emergence of new providers worldwide, as well as existing outsourcers' efforts to expand into new markets, finds a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, an advisory services firm. The crisis has forced companies to re-strategize their cost savings and efficiency improvement methods, a top strategic reason for the growing demand for outsourcing services.

At siliconindia, we realize this growing importance of IT services companies and its growing influence on the economy. So, the main intend was to closely watch some of those innovative ideas that have sprouted in the form of new businesses. From the thousands of nominations that we received, our panel of experts have enlisted the ‘Top10 Most Promising IT Services companies to watch out in 2010’. It was not an easy task to select from the hoard of companies specializing in the hot domains ranging from user centric software solutions, business analytics, to cloud-computing service providers and consulting. However, considering their unique business ideas as well as with the respect to their technology, adoption and market proposition, our experts have churned out the Top 10 gems of the IT services industry.

The 10 Companies chosen are founded or managed by Indian in the U.S. These companies are more than likely to survive this year intact. They have a lot of momentum and will rise above the best.
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