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March - 2010 - issue > Top 10 Most Promising IT Services Companies
Pyramid Etching its Presence in the Global IT Market
Ojas Sharma
Sunday, March 7, 2010
One of the prime clients of Pyramid Consulting wanted services specializing in mobile testing, and they planned to buy mobile devices and conduct the test on each of them. But the whole plan underwent a complete change since they chanced upon the testing platform of the Georgia based Pyramid Consulting. The decision was a turning point for the client, as it succeeded in delivering successful results in a more effective way than the other platforms available in the market. “We were able to simulate mobile testing on PC and were able to provide them a platform through which they were able to speed up the testing ten times faster than the normal. Our flexible delivery model and the close, intimate client relationship were instrumental to this success,” explains Sanjeev Tirath, Co-Founder and CEO of Pyramid Consulting, an IT services company with operations in the US, UK, and India.

This is just only one of several success stories Pyramid has to its credit. Tirath, an IT and marketing veteran with over 15 years of experience backing him, co-founded Pyramid in 1996. His insights and day-to-day involvement enable Pyramid Consulting provide value-added IT solutions to numerous Global 1000 companies as well as to a number of growing, mid-tier firms. He has been successful in molding his company to cater to an ever growing IT industry. “With over 1,000 passionate employees working for the firm across the globe, we are a company that strives to stay one step ahead of business trends, market conditions, and competition,” proclaims a proud Tirath. Indeed the global presence helps them cater to the varied growing industries across verticals such as insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, hospitality, logistics, and software development. Along with IT solutions the company also provides IT Staff Augmentation for more than 20 Fortune 1000 and Global 500 firms. However, in recent times, Pyramid has been primarily providing software solutions for mobile devices and quality assurance on mobile applications and mobile devices.There are many big companies that are already specializing in mobile testing; so it is interesting to see what Pyramid offers that makes it stand out in the crowd. Their highly advanced and unique solutions are scalable, cost effective, and adaptable to the ever-changing market needs. That’s why the company mainly targets Fortune 1000 companies as it feels that their service delivery model suits them the best. “Our model of staffing works very well with companies that have large demand and we can keep up with their demand and provide them resources with quick turnaround and at good prices,” says Tirath.

Pyramid consulting has been able to maintain a good growth rate through collaborative relationships and repeat business strategy. But the global economic slowdown has impacted almost all companies, big and small. Tirath says that the economy has not completely recovered yet, but there are many positive signs which can be seen everywhere. He also believes that the government policies in the US make a lot of difference on how outsourcing is treated by different companies. “In the second half of 2009, the markets really picked up as compared to the previous six months. Projects that were not funded for long time and had been shifted to the sidelines have started getting funds again since the second half of last year,” he opines.
Pyramid uses development practices and process environment that have been certified to meet CMMi Level IV standards. The company is hoping to maximize on its profits and consolidate the existing centers via adding more clients to take advantage of the IT services market that is forecasted to reach $1.1 trillion in 2012, up from $748 billion in 2007. With all resources in place and determination to stay one step ahead of the current business trends, market conditions, and competition, Pyramid is all set to mark a new milestone in the IT services arena.
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