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June-2010  issue
Cover Story
Author: Christo Jacob
Back in 2003 and 2007, several FDA reports revealed that about half of 13 factories in the island country of Puerto Rico manufactured contaminated pills. Recent reports show that one of the pharmaceutical companies continued exporting... more>>
In My Opinion
Pradeep Elankumaran
There was a curious moment on my trip to India this year when I realized that the majority of the country utilizes a component... more>>
CEO Spotlight
Jay Pullur
Social software, as we all know, started in the middle of the last decade as a new way to enhance individual self-expression... more>>
Ashok Samuel
In the last few years, I have observed a paradigm shift in the mobile space both in the US and the markets abroad. The next 2-3... more>>
CIO Profile
Vimali Swamy
It is often said that recession is where the opportunity is. The economic downturn of last year may have been a big blow to the... more>>
Vikas Bansal
The case for ‘Greening’ the data centre Businesses today rely on telecoms and data networking to run their organisations... more>>
Shiv Kumar
Staggering Statistics: In U.S., the Data Centers accounted for 61 billion kWh or approx 1.5 percent of the Nation’s... more>>
Subhash K Parameswaran
Social networking is replacing several traditional forms of contact management through its ability to quickly create... more>>
Rajesh Parthasarathy
Many define sensitive information as personal or corporate data like social security numbers or credit card numbers or sales... more>>
Sanjit Chatterjee
Visiting us during her vacations, Manjari, my teenage niece, asked me if I would help her with a summer project. I agreed. It... more>>
Daniel Burrus
Today we’re in an era of technology-driven transformation. That means you can attain higher profits when you use technology... more>>
Identify a need and fill it is the business mantra today. It calls for a certain ability to understand requirements and match... more>>
Sanjay Sathe
Effective management knows that people are the lifeblood of any business; talented employees are by far a company’s most... more>>
Nanda Ramanujam
Measuring knowledge worker productivity and in turn finding out how it contributes to an organization’s overall effectiveness... more>>
VC talk
Mohanjit Jolly
Entrepreneurs often ask a fairly simple sounding question “what do I need to get DFJ excited about my idea”. The answer is... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
Infineta Systems, co-founded by Raj Kanaya and K.V.S. Ramarao, has closed series A round of venture capital funding, with $15... more>>
SI Team
Jaswinder Chadda and Navdeep Chadda co-founded Axtria has closed Series A round of venture capital funding of $2.5 million. The... more>>
In Focus
SI Team
With a wave of tablet PCs hitting the consumer market, there has been a lot of discussions on whether these devices can emerge... more>>
SI Team
The domestic information technology (IT) firms are grappling with several market pressures like wage inflation, subdued demand,... more>>
SI Team
When Nitin Nohria, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, joined Harvard as a faculty in 1988, none would have thought... more>>
SI Team
Blurred pictures are often a worry, especially when the photos hold special memories. But worry no more; Neel Joshi, a computer... more>>
SI Team
Of late, the Indian IT industry has been on a tremendous hiring spree but a majority of them are expatriates. With a growing... more>>
SI Team
Ever imagined, why do we convict criminals and offenders? The sole reason is to rehabilitate their mindset and make them... more>>
SI Team
The world of cricket gradually came home with the radio followed by the television. It has now reached an entirely new level to... more>>
SI Team
Who said that, the CIOs are the ones responsible for an organization’s processes and practices supporting the flow of... more>>
SI Team
As long as people have the need to share their excitement with others the written form of communication is bound to exist. The... more>>
Editor's Desk
Christo Jacob
In one of the popular temples in the US, a quote is engraved on a pillar, “There are some things which Google cannot answer... more>>