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Now, Mobile Phones are Used More for Text, Internet
SI Team
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
As long as people have the need to share their excitement with others the written form of communication is bound to exist. The saying ‘think before you speak’ also supports the fact that formulation of words is a good way to share wisdom. The elucidation through written words is an easier way to manifest all sorts of information to others. The reversal came both through a 50 percent jump in text messaging and the rise of data-first smartphones like the Droid and iPhone. The design of large-screened phones for the use of Internet also works in support of texting one’s acquaintances.

The companies with the most market share in smartphones are those that have the most experience producing touchscreen or QWERTY keyboard devices such as Apple and RIM, where call-focused companies like Nokia have struggled. The process of voice being overtaken by data on cellphones shows the fact that writing is still the best form of communication for many. There are a lot of people who find it easier to express themselves through written words. Internet access and text messaging occupied more data on the US carriers' networks than did the equivalent in calls. A lot of social factors also serve as subsidy to this fact as most of the teenagers are growing up with messaging phones. Not only do the teenagers text their friends, even the adults are getting used to use the text form to communicate.

Writing is an ace form of articulating information as it allows the person proper time to think before he or she exhibits the feelings. When we write down the message to be conveyed, it becomes simple for the receiver to understand it.

Calls have also grown shorter and are now more likely to be used for crucial info rather than usual conversations. A typical same-area call has dropped to 1.8 minutes from nearly 2.3 in 2008.
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