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IPL on Mobile, a Big Success, Report
SI Team
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
The world of cricket gradually came home with the radio followed by the television. It has now reached an entirely new level to connect with the fans through the mobile. Gone are the days and times when one had to sit in front of the television to catch the live action of the sport. The new style of cricket’s format laid down by the IPL has intensified the interest of the audience. Any information related to cricket excites most of the public.

According to a report, as compared to last year the mobile platform saw a 100 percent rise in the user interest for receiving a word about cricket. This has also revived the interest in the sport, which was on the verge of decline due to excessive number of matches being played nowadays. In this fast moving world no one has the time to sit for hours in front of the TV and watch a game. For the diehard cricket lovers all over the world, the use of mobiles to get updates on the sport is like a boon.
"The IPL on the mobile platform has received tremendous response from mobile users across the country. The rate at which mobile phone owners in India are consuming the IPL information on their phone is a testimony to the value, simplicity, and the premium content the service offers. Mobile has become one of the main sources of information and entertainment across the country," says Kedar Sohoni, President, Informate Mobile Intelligence.

The interest of the viewers reached such a level that the sports sites had higher page views. The official website for IPL reached a distinguished level followed by Cricinfo.com. The season 3 of IPL witnessed that in the gaming section Brian Lara cricket, Cricket T20 world Championship app, and Freddie Flintoff were the top games. Many of the cricket games that were played last year found visibility in this season too.

The use of mobile for creating more viewers for cricket is indeed a good idea as it helps the public to envision an interesting match without wasting much time.
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