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February-2014  issue
Cover Story
Author: Anamika Sahu
Around $159.2 billion were spent by 20 companies in various verticals for their R&D in 2012-13 and that of the top five investing firms accounts to $61.9 billion. This emphasizes the critical role that R&D plays in the innovation... more>>
In My Opinion
Manish Shah -President & CEO, Cover-All
Competitive Advantage is often thought to be an innovative product, visionary founder, loyal customer base, network effect or... more>>
10 Most Promising IT Services Companies from India
SI Team
.Georgia14 { font-weight: normal !important; }... more>>
SI Team
With competition in the real estate sector getting fierce, developers are looking to provide the most crystal clear and... more>>
SI Team
Imagine a city that is completely safe. Imagine a city where the authorities can be aware of every public-endangering event... more>>
SI Team
The fabric of the retail industry has undergone rapid transformation over the past decade. It has been estimated that global... more>>
SI Team
India, better known for its expertise in IT services has been lagging behind in the race to develop world class IT... more>>
SI Team
Globally, organizations are on competitive pressure and wish to adapt the business agility for rapidly evolving through... more>>
SI Team
Financial Services organizations across the globe face specific challenges in the progressively interconnected financial world.... more>>
SI Team
The last decade saw real-time embedded systems become more complex due to the introduction of several new functionalities in... more>>
SI Team
In today's highly competitive business landscape companies need to be on their toes to remain ahead of the curve. With dynamic... more>>
SI Team
As business environment becomes highly competitive and customer requirements skyrocket, enterprises are facing the need for... more>>
View Point
Rajeev Agarwal -Founder & CEO, MAQ Software
Rajeev Agarwal is also the author of "What I did not learn at IIT" published by Random House India. The article is adapted from... more>>
Kumar Malavalli -Co-founder, CEO & Chairman, Inmage Systems
In defining Infrastructure as a Service we need to drill into specific characteristics that a cloud platform provider must... more>>
CIO Insights
Ananthan Thandri -Vice-President & CIO, Mentor Graphics
Enterprise information technology is facing unprecedented change due to the morphing workforce and pervasive digitization, as... more>>
Ron Robert -CIO, Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Mobility and consumerization, is creating a shift in the centricity that brings us from being about an employee/end-user's... more>>
CEO Spotlight
Bhavin Shah -CEO, Refresh
As the number of devices we use continues to proliferate, the size of those screens are getting smaller. Just a few years ago... more>>
Gurjeet Singh -CEO, Ayasdi
Analysts estimate that enterprises spent $34 billion on big data investments in 2013 and it is believed that data holds immense... more>>
Rajesh Vashist -CEO, SiTime
According to Yole Développement, the market for MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) components is projected to grow to $22... more>>
Entrepreneur Corner
Naveen Bisht -Co-Founder , Auriss Technologies Inc.
Have you ever wondered what makes Silicon Valley tick? So many countries around the world have tried to replicate it but there... more>>
VC Chakra
SI Team
Nutanix, a provider of nextgeneration datacenter infrastructure solutions recently closed its $101 million Series D... more>>
SI Team
Gravitant, a software company in the enterprise cloud brokerage and management market recently raised $10 million in a Series B... more>>
In Focus
SI Team
Led by an Indian American student Apoorva Kiran, scientists at Cornell University have 3-D printed a working loudspeaker with... more>>
SI Team
Little Eye Labs, an Indian startup that makes software tools to analyze the performance of Android apps, has been acquired by... more>>
Christo Jacob
If you would like to get a tip on how to build a global product company, most entrepreneurs will share the mantra –"Make your... more>>